August 14, 2022

Cold Weather Reminder for Our Pets


Cold weather can pose serious problems for our pets. Our pets have many of the same needs as we do.

Antifreeze is very poisonous to animals. The sweet odor and taste attracts both dogs and cats and even a few licks could be fatal. Be sure to properly dispose of empty containers and clean up spills immediately.

Pay extra attention to your pet’s feet during the winter. Snow or ice can become packed between the pads. Wipe your pet’s paws after a jaunt outside and use sand on icy areas instead of salt or chemicals.

Seeking warmth on a cold day, cats can crawl underneath your car and rest between the hood and engine. Remember to honk your horn or knock on the hood before starting your car.

Older animals chill easily. They shouldn’t be left outside for long. If they have a coat or sweater, have them wear it when they go out to potty.

If you see any animals that need help, call your animal control officer or police.

Please take care of your pets. They depend on us to keep them warm and safe.

Thank you,
Karen Ahern
Rehoboth, MA


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