May 25, 2022

John Rossi’s Official Announcement For Mayor of East Providence


December 5, 2021

My name is John Rossi and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the office of Mayor of East Providence. I am starting my campaign by reaching out to you, my friends, fellow residents and leaders in our community to ask for your endorsement, financial support and volunteer efforts.

Although my campaign is only days old, I am proud and humbled to have already earned the trust and endorsement of hundreds of residents. In addition, I have been encouraged to run and endorsed for Mayor by Ward 2 City Councilwoman Anna Sousa and Ward 4 Councilman Ricardo Mourato.

One of the main attractions of a mayoral form of government is that a popularly elected mayor would conduct the will of the people city-wide. For the past three years, I have observed and been troubled by this mayor and his administrative dictatorship. The mayor has consistently turned a deaf ear to the desires and will of the taxpayers. My goal in running for this office will be to change this practice beginning on day one.

It is abundantly clear that the residents surrounding the former Metacomet Country Club and First Street were categorically opposed to the mayor’s initiatives. Not only were the resident’s pleas completely ignored but, the mayor also disregarded the city council members who represent these impacted neighborhoods. Thousands of taxpayer’s voices were silenced and the initiatives were thrust upon them against their collective will. Democracy is not in this mayor’s vocabulary.

It is my firm and unshakeable belief that the Office of the Mayor should be the repository of the people's interests and not the office of special interests or partisan political interests. I envision my administration working in a cohesive, collaborative manner with the elected city council and the residents they were elected to represent. Together, we will achieve the goals and visions of each ward and serve the city in its entirety. In addition, my Administration's policy will be: 

True fiscal responsibility and a hard focus on transparent government. I will be cautious with your hard-earned tax dollars. There has been a lot of waste in the past three budgets and we can no longer afford to spend frivolously. Our taxes, and water/sewer bills have increased exponentially under this mayor and so has his administrative office budget. This needs to be reined in immediately. 

A plan, in writing, to repair and maintain our failing city infrastructure. Maintenance plans for every city building, park and vehicle. 

Treat our public servants with dignity and respect. Allow our professionals to do their jobs and have their expertise available to the council and public. Together, we can solve problems.

A steadfast advocate for our city’s small businesses. I will not place the burden of tax revenue shortfalls onto our struggling small businesses. My first budget will include a plan to begin reducing tangible taxes so we can retain our existing businesses and also attract new businesses to our city and help them all prosper.

As a taxpaying resident of East Providence, who was born and raised here, graduated from our East Providence High School and served this community as a police officer for 21 years, my goals as Mayor will be to further invest in the education of our children, restore and protect our city’s infrastructure and to improve our municipal technology so we can streamline how we serve this community and give the families who live here the best possible quality of life. The maxim of my administration will be “What a great place to raise a family”.

Starting with the release of this announcement, I promise to hear the voices of all East Providence residents. It is your collective voices that exemplify Townie Pride. Over the next year, I encourage you all to bring me your concerns. My team will also compile a list as we go door to door and once elected, fix what is most important to you in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. Action, not words.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 8, 2022 and to join me on this quest to return our city government back to the people. The people who not only make up the fabric of this community but, shell out the tax dollars to pay for it. Together, we can and will return the power of these elected offices back to residents and serve this city with dignity, honesty, compassion and fairness. Feel free to contact me at:

(401) 255-5708…or   


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