October 25, 2021

No To Eminent Domain


This letter is addressed to our fellow residents of East Providence, our mayor our city council members and our state representatives and senators. We the undersigned concerned residents and voters of East Providence and many of our friends and neighbors do not agree that our city should utilize the process of eminent domain regarding  Metacomet Country Club.

 There has been much written in publications and on-line that propose utilizing eminent domain as a solution to the development of the Metacomet Country Club property. Although we and many others may advocate for preservation of open space, that sentiment is not unlimited. Contrary to what previously has been written, it should not be crystal clear to anyone, any council member, representative or senator that the residents of East Providence are opposed to the reasonable redevelopment of Metacomet Country Club.

 We the undersigned believe that reasonable development of the Metacomet property would not have an adverse impact on the quality of life in East Providence and would not have a negative impact on the environment, especially since a recent development  proposal would  leave many acres of open space for community use.

 Contrary to our national leaders, we, the undersigned, believe, as do some members of the city council that compromise, and negotiation are admirable traits. We believe there is a way to keep some open space and allow reasonable development in a way that will not cost the residents of East Providence additional tax dollars, but instead will increase our tax base, create more development, more jobs and more income for the City of East Providence and the State of Rhode Island.

 We, the undersigned, are confident that we are not alone in the belief that eminent domain is not the right course (pun intended). We, believe that since the city is approaching the limit of its bonding capabilities, the prudent action for our leaders to take would be to enhance the future income generating possibilities of this valuable asset while providing open space for public enjoyment.

 We, the undersigned, request that our mayor and the city council members negotiate with the developer to protect and preserve some open space and promote reasonable development. This is our opinion, and we believe that there are many residents and voters in East Providence that agree with this sentiment.

Rick Lawson
Bill Hurley
Gregory S. Dias
Leeann Dias
Stephanie A. Vinhateiro  
Manuel F. Vinhateiro, Jr.     
Ruarri Miller         
Jackie Marquis
Tori Jessup-Crowley        
David O’Connell                 
P J Doppke             
Greg Miller
Dr. Alan D’Aiello, Jr.      
...and many others! 


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