May 16, 2022

University of Rhode Island students named to Fall 2021 Dean's List


More than 6,800 University of Rhode Island students named to Fall 2021 Dean's List.  Students from our area are:  Matty Accinno, Lucas Alvernaz, Eli Alves, Kate Atwell, Freya Badger, Hasna Badji, Tess Barry, Alison Batty, Margaux Bedford, Cassius Benziger, Kevin Botelho, Illianna Britto, Paige Chakouian, Brandon Charette, Cole Coffey, Clay Cook, Brooklynne Costa, Brynne Costa, Jack Cox, Max DiMonte, Jae DosSantos, Catie Ducharme, Cameron Ellinwood, Kaleigh Esposito-Russell, Christina Fernandes, Emily Fournier, Jay Gibb, Vanessa Ginet, Rachel Gomes, Andrew Holstein, Sarah Irons, Darien Kane, Andrew Komiega, Sean Komiega, Erin Lamarre, Kerri Lamarre, Amelia Lambert, Andrew Langille, Bianca Lazarte, Anna Li, Jia Ying Lin, Caitlin Lonergan, Christy Long, Tyler Makhoul, Danielle Martins, Shelby Mello, Katelyn Melo, Kate Mendillo, Ashlyn Messier, Paige Messier, Tony Miller, Sara Moakler, Esther Mulamba, Stephanie Murphy, Colby Nelson, Alexander Newton, Christopher Noble, Joellyn Pari, Jackson Ponte, Amir Rahmat, Em Raphael, Jasmine Reis, Lexy Rodriguez, Carina Santos, Janaija Santos, Sydnee Shorter, Aaron Soares, Olivia Soares, Natasha Sorrentino, Kathryn Sullivan, Sean Sullivan, Rose Teixeira, Terohn Thornton, Isabelle Wetmore


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