December 4, 2020



As we transition into the holiday season, we would like to pass along reminders and best practices for staying healthy and safe during the holidays.• Limit gathering size: Indoor gatherings at … more
In response to Mr. Siegel’s explanation of the proposed Solar Farm at Camp Buxton at 90 Pond Street, I would like to make it known that there are significant reasons to continue to evaluate the … more
Let’s keep our towns and cities safe from the coronavirus. I see to many people come into stores without masks on. More than 16,500 people now have died from the coronavirus in New England as … more

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Black Friday is coming! Everywhere you look there’s a good deal to be had. And this year, most people aren’t even going to the stores, but that won’t stop the sales from coming to … more
You’ve been there. You open up a holiday sale email, and the colorful images of trendy new items make you drool a little. You click into the store, ready to shop for Christmas gifts. … more
The stories we tell ourselves have a direct impact on what we believe about life. I don’t know about you, but I can easily get carried away by crazy thoughts running through my head—like … more

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