November 14, 2018



Dear 375th Parade Committee:I want to thank the committee and the town for the honor of having me the Grand Marshall of the 375th Parade on October 7th. I have done a lot of things and been in a lot … more
I’m voting for transparency, I’m voting for Feeney” This upcoming election I am only voting for candidates that have campaigned in a way that is transparent, honest and … more
I am writing to strongly encourage others to VOTE YES on Question 1 on Election Day, 11/06/18. A YES vote will support the Massachusetts Nurse’s Association’s (MNA) Ballot initiative for … more

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I have something important to tell you: Stop saying “I can’t.” Yes, you can! Why am I on this rant? I came across a study that says 64 percent of millennials don’t think … more
When people say that autumn is their favorite time of year, I assume they mean the halcyon days of mid-October (pop-up tornadoes excluded). It is beautiful with the colorful foliage, the cheerful … more
October 21-27 is National Retirement Security Week, and I’m excited that people are waking up to the importance of planning for the future. They know the actions they take now will make or … more

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