April 20, 2018



Recently it was revealed that Steven Howitt, Representative for the 4th Bristol district was being advised secretly during a constituent e-mail discussion by a key Enbridge (Spectra) lobbyist, … more
Steven Howitt at the very least is unethical and a liar.The article below comes from the HuffPost and clearly shows where Representative Howitt blind copied a constituents email to an Energy Pipeline … more
I am absolutely disheartened to once again learn that another politician is not honestly representing his constituents. While giving lip service in supporting our communities in stopping the … more

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The decision to not seek re-election for the position of Selectman was not an easy decision. Due to my current work demands, it is difficult to devote the time and energy that is needed to serve the … more
As I step very gingerly from one era of my life (my working years) into the next era (my golden years) I find that I feel more gratitude than I have ever felt at any other stage of my life so far. … more
It’s that time of the year…Election time. Reminder, Rehoboth’s Election Day is the first MONDAY in April, this year is April 2nd. There are some contested races….like … more

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