September 26, 2017



The Rehoboth Democratic Town Committee (RDTC) is proud to announce its endorsement of Paul Feeney for State Senate in the Bristol-Norfolk District. During a recent RDTC meeting, Paul Feeney was … more
Rehoboth Blizzard of Giving will be starting the Christmas program for Rehoboth children. The ages will be new-born to High School age. We will start collecting names and addresses for gifts on … more
Site plans for the Anawan School Project have been posted on the Town’s website, and representatives from the Women’s Development Corporation, along with the Town’s attorney, … more

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There’s a trend among 401(k) participants that keeps me up at night. I hesitate to mention it because if you don’t know about it, that’s one less person who’s losing money. … more
Most of us have made a few foolish money mistakes here and there. It’s the car we can’t afford, the personal loan we never should’ve made, or the mortgage that nearly sent us to … more
More than any other time of year, September’s signs are all around us that another year has ended, and a new one begins. Someone recently posted the school supply list for Hurley Middle … more

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