November 28, 2022

First Annual Old-Tyme Summer Clambake!


On August 20th, The Town of Rehoboth put on its first annual clambake at the new Francis Farm campus. For 120 years, this historic site has been hosting clambakes for large parties and small, including three presidents! We are grateful for the opportunity to carry on this tradition! Over 150 attendees enjoyed a truly delicious menu of clams, sausage, Saugy’s, chourico, potatoes, onions and Watermelon. There was bocce and cornhole for fun and Bill Maiorano provided the music! The committee was looking for a relaxed, fun event, and I think we nailed it!

The saying goes “It Takes a Village”, but I say it takes more than that. When townspeople step up and contribute it can really make for a special event, and that is what happened Saturday! Nearly all products were sourced from vendors and farms within Rehoboth, from clams to watermelons! We thank our generous Rehoboth benefactors and helpers, and hope that you will remember them. In no order, here they are! Tim Johnson at Propane Plus, Bob and Cathy Ryan (Chartley Country Store), Dale Sousa (WasteTech), Ryan Robinson (Portside Fish Market), Steve Noons (Harvest Tap) and Raquel Melo of Hapco Farms

We’d also like to thank all those who pitched in, some of which are the Bakemasters Chico Charbonneau & Kevin Foley, Selectman Rob Johnson, Linda Sherman (COA), Mike Viveiros (Rehoboth Building Dept), Ralph Arguin (Recreation), Scott and Alys Vincent, Andria Medeiros, Kim Fagundes, Aimee Milone, Jonathan Trexler, Dawn & Sam Crooks.

The Town Events Committee enjoyed putting this together for all to enjoy. If you are interested in joining the committee to put on future events, write us at  We would gratefully welcome your help! We’d like to thank everyone so much for coming and are happy that you so obviously enjoyed the afternoon!

The Rehoboth Town Events Committee – Dave and Jennifer LeComte - Kelli Trexler - Sheila Kramer - Regan Furtado


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