January 22, 2022

Meet Beckwith Middle School’s Frederick Randall


Frederick Randall is settling in as Principal of Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School. Randall was born in Baltimore, Maryland but grew up in the town of Wayland, Massachusetts. He attended Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where he studied political science and history. At the time, education wasn’t a career he was considering.

Randall had two brothers who were much younger than him. When he graduated from college, he ended up coaching youth football. “I kind of got recruited,” Randall recalled. “I love the game. I just fell in love working with the kids. That changed my life.”

Randall worked at before and after-school programs,  before becoming a special education teaching assistant and later a middle school social studies teacher. Randall later earned his certification as an administrator. He was a Principal of Dover-Sherbourne Middle School and then worked at two urban charter schools.

Before coming to Rehoboth, Randall was Principal of the Sizer School in Fitchburg. Working at Beckwith appealed to Randall because of its close proximity to Holliston, where he and his family reside.

Randall started at Beckwith on August 30. “It’s been very positive,” Randall said. “I love the kids. I think they’re fantastic. Very supportive and involved parents and the staff, we’re really blessed here to have highly experienced teachers. They’ve been wonderful resources to me.”

Randall is in the midst of his own learning process, gathering information as a way to better serve the students. “I’ve put out a few surveys to staff and also to families to gather their impressions on strengths and their ideas for growth for Beckwith,” Randall added. “I’m looking to form strong relationships because I think that’s really the key to being a good leader.”


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