February 1, 2023

K-8 Withdrawal


I would like to correct some miss information that has been put out there. In parentheses are quotes from our regional agreement (July 1, 1987). “ The agreement entered into pursuant to CHAPTER 71 OF General Laws of Massachusetts, as amended, between the towns Dighton and Rehoboth, hereinafter referred to as member towns, is hereby amended in its entirety to read as hereinafter set forth. In consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, it is HEREBY AGREED as follows” (1st page)

“The foregoing Amended Agreement was duly accepted and approved (1) by vote of the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional District School Committee, duly adopted at a meeting said committee, duly called and held on February 12, 1987; (2) by vote of the Town of Dighton duly adopted under Article 10 of the Warrant at its town meeting duly called and held on May 4, 1987; and (3) by vote of the Town of Rehoboth duly adopted under Article 3 of the Warrant at its town meeting duly called held on June 22, 1987 (14th page)

“Section IX-Withdrawal of Elementary Grades K -8
A. Vote Required
All of the member towns of the District shall resume jurisdiction over the education of pupils in grades Kindergarten through eight, inclusive, residing in their respective towns if any member town, by vote at annual or special town meeting, votes to resume jurisdiction over the education of pupils in grades kindergarten through eight, inclusive, residing in such town and follows the procedure hereinafter set forth.” (9th page)

We do not need Dighton to agree, they already have, just as we have.

The Regional Agreement will answer many of your questions. Go to the Town’s website, click on Boards and Committees, scroll to K-8 Withdrawal Study Committee.

Another document dated April 16, 2015 sent to our regional School Committee from The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, addressed to David Katseff and Chris Andrade who were on our regional school committee then.

“RE: Unilateral Withdrawal of Dighton or Rehoboth Grades PK-8
I had a conversation with Chris Lynch at DESE yesterday. She recently met with Jeff Wulfson and DESE legal counsel regarding the current language in the Dighton- Rehoboth Regional Agreement. That is, the issue of whether either Dighton or Rehoboth are able to unilaterally withdraw from the grades PK-8 region.
The bottom line answer is a qualified “YES.” That is, the basic intent of this language is acceptable to DESE.”

Again refer to our website, this document is posted.

I hope this will answer any doubt the incorrect information that has been put out there by people who should know better. This information as you can see is factual.

This is too important of a vote to not have the facts. Please remember to attend the Town Meeting, Aug 6 at 1: 00 at Francis Farm to make your vote count

Jay Crandall a member of the K-8 withdrawal study committee.


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