November 14, 2018



The march of time Has left them here. All stand in line, All free from fear. At ease tbey've Let go of their guns. They don't advance And they don't run. Their wars on … more
Previously I proposed that the fundamental crisis in America is human brokenness – our disconnection from one another. Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, in The Art of Loving, stated that the … more
Discussions around space at the elementary school level began in 2015. Together, the School Department and School Committee have openly explored numerous reconfiguration options all while taking into … more

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I have something important to tell you: Stop saying “I can’t.” Yes, you can! Why am I on this rant? I came across a study that says 64 percent of millennials don’t think … more
When people say that autumn is their favorite time of year, I assume they mean the halcyon days of mid-October (pop-up tornadoes excluded). It is beautiful with the colorful foliage, the cheerful … more
October 21-27 is National Retirement Security Week, and I’m excited that people are waking up to the importance of planning for the future. They know the actions they take now will make or … more

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