July 22, 2019



She planted flowers Many springs.They brought The birds and bees.Her husband lovedThe way she caredFor every little thing.Her memories Stretched towardThe sun.The time for himTo plantHad come.Don … more
I want to thank the voters for their support and vote at the Seekonk Spring Town Meeting held Monday, May 13. Without the votes of our concerned citizens, we would not have been able to pass the … more
Be intentional about your relationships. Remember when you were younger, you’d think carefully about what you’d say and how you’d relate to a new friend? After a while, we tend to … more

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In order to win in life, your teen is going to need a solid plan for everything—including their money! If they learn to budget today, they can avoid some common money mistakes and start … more
“The Pioneers” is a very enjoyable new book by noted historian David McCullough. Subtitled “The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West”, this book … more
One of the seven money habits I often talk about is simply “Make a Plan for Your Money.” It’s so basic, but so many people don’t do it on a regular basis. Another way of … more

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