July 11, 2020



I would like to express my deep gratitude to and admiration for Chris Andrade's brave letter in July's Reporter on "Racism."His letter courageously relates his painful experience growing up in a … more
Who is Sandra Escaler? For starters she is a mother of 3, a wife to a life-long Seekonk resident, and a member of the community. Born in Terceira, Acores, raised in Pawtucket since the age of 2, … more
This may turn into a long read but it may be well worth it to some. I am a Lifer. A Lifer is someone who has lived in Seekonk all of their life or in my case nearly all of it. (1964).My mother's … more

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Even as the economy slowly cracks the door open and tiptoes back to pre-coronavirus activity, many of you are feeling the aftershocks of our national shutdown. And since only 40% of Americans can … more
I keep reading about people in big cities leaving for the countryside over these past few months. New Yorkers who fled in droves this spring for the Berkshires and the Catskills have taken the phrase … more
Okay, I get it. The last thing your teen probably wants to think about this summer is saving money for college. But let’s be real. There’s no better time. They’re free from their … more

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