September 22, 2023

Seekonk Recycling Information & Trash Bans


As we head into November, the Seekonk Recycling Committee would like to call attention to a few important updates and happenings. You may be aware that November 15th is America Recycles Day, and we hope to have some new programming on Seekonk channel TV-9.

You probably don't know that as of November 1st, it is now illegal to put clothing/textiles and mattresses in the trash here in Massachusetts. The DPW is working with MEGA on how handling procedures will change as far as disposal of mattresses, and more information will be communicated when we have it confirmed. Please visit the Recycling Information page at for more information about how to properly dispose or recycle products in Seekonk.

Fortunately, there are already several resources in place available to residents when it comes to textiles. A great first stop for figuring out how and where to recycle anything is  which is an extensive directory of resources for recycling just about anything from tires, to clothing, to batteries. Here in Seekonk, there are Bay State Textile collection bins located at the Seekonk DPW building on Taunton Ave/Lake St, Martin Elementary School, Aitken Elementary School, Hurley Middle School and Seekonk High School. These bins can be used for both gently used clothing, shoes and textiles that are good enough to be reused, as well as items that are ripped, torn, stained or otherwise too worn out for reuse. These items not suitable for reuse get recycled into new products such as insulation or packaging. If you're able to package the worn out items separately and mark them for recycling, it is appreciated but not required. There are also many organizations in the area that accept clothing and textiles, such as Angels Care Closet, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Savers, Goodwill, and other collection bins such as PlanetAid. These organizations also have procedures in place for sorting out goods that are too worn out for resale, and they are supposed to be transferring these items to a recycling organization such as Bay State Textiles etc.

While you're sorting things around your home for donation or recycling, instead of paying to put them in your trash, the Recycling Committee would also like to make residents aware that we are collecting hundreds of other common household items that normally end up in the trash, and recycling them with Terracycle. The list is growing, but currently we're collecting items such as toothbrushes, pens and art supplies, deodorant tubes, air fresheners, razors, baby food packaging, pet food bags, spray and pump tops and so much more. If you're interested in a full list of accepted items or to add your items to our monthly recycling shipments, please send a message to the Recycling Committee on Facebook @seekonkrecyclingcommittee for more information.

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