July 15, 2024

Sustainable Seekonk


The Seekonk Recycling Committee would like to remind residents of all the great recycling and sustainability resources we have available in town:

Rain Barrels-the committee sponsored a discounted Rain Barrel sale in June & will likely do so again next year-don't miss out next time on this great resource for saving water and keeping your plants hydrated even in a drought!

The Library of Things- did you know the Seekonk Library has way more than books? With things like karaoke machines, metal detectors, stud finders, instruments, cameras, computers & more, it's an amazing way to borrow what you need & save money!

Adopt-a-Drain Program- the committee will reward you with a free bag of town trash bags when you commit to keeping a local drain clear near your home. Just fill out the form online!

Textile Recycling Bins- there are Bay State Textile collection bins at the DPW center & at all the schools. You can deposit used clothing, sheets, towels, shoes and more at these bins-even if they're stained, ripped or worn out! Nothing wet or moldy, please!

Terracycle Recycling- the committee is collecting hundreds of everyday items that would normally end up in the trash because they cannot be recycled traditionally. Brands partner with Terracycle to offer these free programs to recycle items like toothbrushes, deodorant, air fresheners, coffee bags and more! Find the current list at Sustainable Seekonk on Facebook.

Composting- the DPW yard allows for drop off of yard waste for composting, but residents can also sign up for curbside compost collection through Bootstrap Compost-which collects all household food waste, even meat and bones. They offer weekly & bi-weekly pickups and you can also get finished compost back for your garden!

Batteries & Bulbs- did you know that the #1 cause of fires in trash collection programs is rechargeable batteries? The DPW has a collection bin for batteries-including cell phone batteries and other rechargeables or hazardous batteries. They also accept fluorescent light bulbs-including CFL bulbs and tubes. These should never go in your curbside bins!

Plastic Bag Ban- in 2019 the town adopted a plastic bag ban that requires businesses to offer thicker reusable bags or paper bags to customers instead of thin single use bags. Using your own sturdy bags helps save trips back & forth and keeps plastic bags off of our roads & out of the waterways.

Recycling Tip of The Month: take the handles off your paper bags before putting in your bin-this can help prevent tangling in the sorting machines.


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