October 21, 2018

131st EPHS Graduation

415 Townies Graduate


The 2015 East Providence High School graduation took place on Friday, June 12th at Pierce Stadium.

This year marks the 131st formal graduation of EPHS. Traditionally the Townie graduations were held at Pierce Stadium, East Providence's iconic recreational complex on Mercer Street. The venue switched indoors for a few years but has since returned to the outdoor stadium to accommodate more guests of the graduating seniors.

With good weather there was no need to move the ceremony indoors and a sea of red and white descended upon Pierce Stadium. Monica Barbosa was the East Providence High School Valedictorian this year. Barbosa graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a 2230 on her SAT's according to the East Providence Education Association. "Monica Barbosa is setting the bar high and proving to us all that following your passion and working hard equals achieving your goals," said an EPEA release. Barbosa was accepted to Brown University, Yale University, and Harvard University. She has chosen Yale as her university of choice where she will study Economics and Mathematics. Barbosa thanked her peers and teachers who "have helped guide her along the way, especially Mr. Currier, Miss Albanese, and Mr. Amore" and is looking forward to a bright future. She also thanks her sister and parents for setting good examples for her and encouraging her to work hard. Mr. Travers, Guidance Counselor at the High School, said "From Middle School on, she's one of the most driven students I've ever seen." In addition to her academic talents, Monica is also a musician who plays piano and the flute. School Committee member, Joel Monteiro, personally congratulated Monica telling her "your success is an inspiration to others."

High School Principal Janet Sheehan said that she was very impressed with the 2015 graduating class. "This senior class is an awesome class. They are an industrious group of individuals with so many talents. They have exhibited very mature behavior at our school events and have continued to create an inclusive environment at our school," said Sheehan. "They have grown since entering 9th grade and we have been gratified to see it. Our students are going to some of the best colleges in the country and we are all very proud of them. True Townies!" added Sheehan.

Tabitha Fiske and Bradford Bonanno followed Barbosa as the number two and three academically ranked students and will attend Brown University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. "These are some of the World's most prestigious post secondary universities. East Providence High is very proud today," said Principal Sheehan.

The complete list of EPHS graduating seniors is as follows:

Brendan Michael Abrahamson * †
Rabiat Kofoworola Adigun
Price Malachi Alexander
Brianna Victoria Allienello *
Michael Victor Allienello, Jr. * •
Natalie Fernanda Almeida *
Edmilson Spencer Andrade
Alyssa Marie Andreozzi
Ashly Kayla Andrews
Joseph David Antonio
Jaryd Christopher Antrim
Adam Anthony Araujo
Luke Daniel Archambault
Randy Taylor August
Keith Francisco Barbosa
Monica Melo Barbosa *†
Meghan Elizabeth Barratt
Bryan Michael Beaulieu
Emma Catherine Bengtson * †
Mark Christopher Bianco
Ashley Marie Blake *
Jazmyn Nicole Bliss
Bradford William Bonanno * †
Brianna Marie Botelho
Maisie Lyn Boucher
Hayley Marie Bourgault * †
David Allen Braddock, Jr.
Jessica Nicole Bradshaw
Shelby Lyn Bradstreet
Thomas Matthew Brasil
Katelyn Marie Breese
Nicky Fratone Buonanno
Myia Alexzandria Burgess *
Jacob Morris Butler
Austin Jay Cabral
Brittany Marie Cabral
Kyle Goulart Cabral
Chelsea Lopes Capelo
Christopher Francis Capron
Melissa Jean Cardoso
Tayla Ann Carnevale
Joshua Kevin Carpenter
Amy Cecilia Carranza
Anna Christina Carvalho
Skyla Jean Carvalho *
Trystan Reed Cabral Casey
Alyssa Marie Cativo
Tabatha Oliveira Cavaco
Nicholas Daniel Champagne
Alex Anthony Chancas
Luke Jouv Chanthavong
Matthew Francis Chase
Joshua Michael Chivers
Corey John Cinquegrana
Nicole Lyn Clark
Shawn Coté Contente *
Carolyn Bernadette Conti *
Danielle Alexandria Cooper *
Jessica Nichole Cordeiro
Derrick Joseph Correia *
Eric Lourenco Costa
Kaylyn Amber Marie Costa
Kiana Costa *
Monica Vargas Costa
Nicholas Joseph Costa * • †
Nicholas Michael Costa *
Ryan Matthew Costa
Shannon Elizabeth Costa * †
Italia Lorraine Cotugno
Matthew Francis Couitt
Brandon Nicholas Couto
Rui Miguel Roberto Craveiro
Amanda Kaylin Crawley * • †
Allison Elizabeth Creighton *
Samantha Danielle Crosby
Corey John Cullinan
Shawn John Da Rosa * †
Arianna Lopes Daluz *
Keila Christina David Paris
Antonio Urbano de Simas, Jr.
Shayla Marie DeAndrade
Jennifer Lynn DeBlois
Kendrah Debra DeJesus
Kayla Rose DelBonis *
Nisa Anacleto DePina
Felicia Victoria DeSousa
Phillip DeSouza
Kevin Francisco Diaz-Perez
Alexander Manuel Pacheco DoRego *
Andrea Marie Carreiro DoRego
Sabrina Marie DoSoito *
Devin Everett Drolet
Kaitlyn Marie Dubord
Alannah Marie Durand * •
Darren Dennis Ellinwood, Jr. *
Lisandra Estrela *
Jared Joseph Estrella *
Cameron Lee Evans
Nicole Kati Eydelson
Joseph R. Falaguerra
Nicole Ann Faria * †
Emily Anne Farnsworth *
Andrew D. Farrar * †
Jordan Taylor Faustino
Jefferson A. P. W. Ferreira
Jessyca Cristina Ferreira *
Lyndsey Joy Ferreira
Shawn Fortes Ferreira
Stephanie Souza Ferreira
Victoria Lynn Ferreira * †
Briana Mariah Medeiros Fialho
Tabitha Nicole Fiske * †
Alyssa Beth Flores *
Joshua Simon Fonseca
Shannon Elizabeth Francis *
Frantz Walker Gabriel
Sydnee Schae Gagan
Brooke Lynne Gagne
Ryan Alexander Rosa Galvao
Maria Ximena Garcia *
Roberto Lorenzo Garcia, Jr.
Fransheska Lee Gauthier *
Kara Rose George * †
Meghan Claire Ghazal * †
Kameron Michael Blake Gianlorenzo
Richard Johnson Gillis *
Erik Steven Glowacki
Hailey Jeanne Glowacki
Aaron Michael Gomes
Hannah Alexandra Gomez *
Andrew Salvatore Gordon
Gloryanne Marie Grant
Hanako Fredrick Gregory *
Zackary Thomas Guimond
Alec Mitchell Hail *
Shantel Gina Hall
Jaymiel Jason Almeida Harris
Savannah Elizabeth Hazard
Emily Ann Hegarty * †
Yuliandra Esther Henriquez * †
Christopher A. J. Hermanowski
Jonathan Matthew Hernandez
Monica Melissa Hurley * †
Ty Jacob Ignacio
Kaitlynn Francisca Jackson
Dalynn Jacobs
Meghan Beth Johnson
Brandon Lee Kelly
Daniel Michael Kieffer
Caitlyn Victoria Lally *
Jennifer Lynn Landry *
Katelyn Lee Lanni
Hannah Paige Lariviere * †
Marc Alfred LaValley *
Samuel James Lawrence * • †
Mitchell Colin Lawson
Alexis Caroline Leaf
Brandon Samuel Leiter
Monica Ann Lethbridge
Rochelle Mary Letourneau
Alexandra Grace Lima * †
Brian Michael Lima
Taikyra Theresa Lima *
Erika Jean Lincoln * †
Alexis Marie Lindsey
Sarah Kathleen Lindsey
Kevin Frederick Lippe, Jr. *
Tyler Martin Lockard * †
Danielle Marina Lopes *
Nildo Pinheiro Vasconcelos Lopes
Kristin Celeste Lyons *
Annalisa Santos Machado *
Bethany Lynn Machado
Priscilla Santos Machado * †
Kassidy Ann Maciel
Jillian Paige Mackevich * †
Carly Marie Manchester
Zachary Donald Mann
Amanda Helen Marcotrigiano
Cassandra Elizabeth Marques-Leach
Kyle Jonathan Marquis
Karena Danielle Martin
Edward Junior Christopher Martins
Haley Alise Martins *
Savanna Crystyl Massaroco *
Antonio Owen Mathews
Fabiane Tainara Rodrigues Maximo
Alexandra Dawn Maxwell * •
Tyler Saunders Maxwell
Nicholas John McBride
Justin Anthony McCoy
Darren Scott McLaughlin
Jason Joseph Medeiros
Kendall Sarah Medeiros
Megan Alyssa Medeiros
Nicholas Robert Medeiros
Taylor Jordan Medeiros *
Tyler Medeiros
Willow Joy Medeiros
Rafael José Medina
Samantha Hope Melfi
Bianca Alexandra Melo
Samantha Lynn Mendonca
John Freeman Meservey, Jr.
Robert Michael Meservey
Cameron Alex Messier
Rae-Kwon Anthony Momplaisir
Michael Healey Monagle * • †
Jenna Danielle Monteiro * • †
Karina Marie Monteiro *
Sarah Jane Moore
Diana Patricia Morais Sequeira
Justyce Aneese Morris * †
Hayden Rodrigues Mota
Molly Katherine O'Brien *
Mariah Ann Olink
Alyssa Michaela Oliveira * †
Kyle Tadeu Oliveira *
Celina Dorothy Oliver
Ty Shane O'Neill
Jacob Anthony Ottone
Kyle Michael Overwood * †
Annie Natu Patel
Hiren Vishnubhai Patel
Lesley Catarina Penacho
Dajon Gomes Pereira
Kevin Phillip Pereira * †
Rebecca Jean Pereira
Robert Jacob Pereira
Rui Jorge Pereira
Samantha Elizabeth Pereira *
Tyler Eugene Pereira
Christopher Rafael Perez-Lopes *
Justin Shane Periquito
Taivon Henry Perry-Lawton
Thomas Matthew Perry
Sophia Marie Pezza *
Sareena Phach
Kiana Lea Phillips
Michelle Marie Phillips * †
Amy Jillian Pickering
Eva Victoria Pickering * †
Kathleen Marie Pimentel
Rodrigo Pacheco Pimentel
Jacqueline Paige Pinheiro
Jerry Robert Pinto
Dylan Shane Poole
Jena Marie Pothier
Shawn Kyle Price
Samantha Anne Quattrucci
Victoria Haley Quattrucci
Marina Louise Ramos
Briana Sousa Raposo
Rebecca Sabrina Raposo
Kassondra Elizabeth Vargas Reakes
Austin James Reed
Makayla Marie Rego
Alyssa May Reiner *
Corey Anthony Resendes * †
Jacob Aaron Ribeiro
Sabrina Ribeiro
James Michael Ricci, Jr.
Diana Rivera
Briana Jaénel Sebastiana Robertson
Felisha Ann Rodrigues-Aguiar
Michael Anthony Rosario
Austin Christopher Royal
Kyle Matthew Lloyd Santos
Kelly Morais Seco
Daniel Richard Sepe
Alexandria Ann Silva
Victoria Leite Silva * •
Briana Marie Silveira * •
Nicole Nathalie Simas
Haley Marie Sisto
Jaxin Richard Smith
Zachary Alexander Smith
Lilia Marie Soares
Juan Manuel Soto, Jr.
Angel Rose Sousa *
Antonio José Sousa, Jr.
Adriana Kristen Souza
Cassia Grace Spivey *
Alex Jamal Emanuel Stewart
Josie Elizabeth Stilkey
Zackary Michael Stone
Scott Michael Sutton, Jr.
Tyler John Tait *
Tyler Joseph Tashdjian * †
Isaiah Agostinho Tavares
Malik Mykel Tavares
Jillian Nicole Taylor
Evan Germano Teixeira
Cheyenne Hannah Terrien *
Abigail Rose Tessitore *
Cameron Thomas Thibeault * †
Alexis Moriah Thompson
Shane Curtis Thornber
Allison Paige Tougas *
Amberlynn Tatum Tracy
Chad Kenneth Travassos *
Casey Sue Traverse * †
Natalia Lee Troll
Marissa Joann Turcotte
Andrea Maria Vargas *
Lauren Elizabeth Vine * †
Leslie Vongphakdy * †
Michael Thomas Walsh
Dante Stephan Washington
Brandon David Williams *
Brianna June Wilson
Madison Rose Wolfe
Sabrina Alexis Yachkouri * •
Tony Yang
Gian Cordeiro Zito

* Denotes Rhode Island Honor Society
• Denotes National Technical Honor Society
† Denotes National Honor Society

EPHS photos in this issue were submitted by Lauren Farnsworth and Deanna Stone-Akers.


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