March 4, 2021

Asphalt Batching Plant in Seekonk


I’m writing to you in regard to the new asphalt and concrete batching plant that is currently in the permit process to build at 45 Industrial Court in Seekonk MA by Jeffrey Joaquin/International Paving Corp. This is being built without public notice which is disgusting and deceitful. Not only does this plant abut a residential neighborhood, but it is within 2 miles of Seekonk elementary, Sowams and Hampden Meadow elementary school. This plant will increase not only sound pollution but also in the air and our water, which will directly affect the residents of Seekonk and the neighboring towns including Barrington.

Despite knowing and acknowledging the Seekonk bylaws (1.2 and 8.12) at the January 12th meeting the board decided to pass the Planning Board property permit. Multiple local residents and businesses were there voicing their concern for not only their own health and other residents, but also for the environment. Local raptors, owls, bats, will be negatively effected; land animals and local fish and the endangered Terrapin turtles located near 4 Town Farm will be exposed to the deadly pollution produced from this plant. One organization, Save the Bay was deeply concerned due to the fact that the wetlands on the proposed property connect to 100 Acre Cove which is currently in the process of being detoxified.

The fact that this company is taking advantage of a period of time when people are feeling overwhelmed and are not giving 100% of their attention to what new companies are moving into their town or neighbor is dastardly.

Please help me as a concerned citizen to get the word out to as many people as possible to raise awareness to the horrific poisons that could become a part of our everyday lives.

Thank you for your time,
Michelle Bean

Seekonk Bylaw 1.2
“The zoning districts and regulations pertaining thereto as herin set forth are made in accordance with a comprehensive plan to regulate the use of land, buildings, and structures for the purpose of promoting and protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the community and the present and future inhabitants of the Town of Seekonk. "


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This is awful and should be stopped. Completely is taking advantage of what's going on right now and putting many residents as well as the environment in harm's way. Unacceptable.

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