August 18, 2022

Azar Bids Farewell to Dighton-Rehoboth


Anthony Azar is bidding a fond farewell to the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District on Thursday after an eight year stint as Superintendent. Azar said some of the biggest challenges during his tenure were “building a budget that created opportunities for our students while balancing the financial stability in both of our district municipalities, and having people that may not understand the inner workings of public schools not recognize the work our students and administration have accomplished.”

Closing the schools due to Covid-19 and instituting distance learning posed its own set of challenges, Azar recalled: “No one had ever experienced a pandemic before in our experiences and we all had to learn a whole new way to approach the delivery of our educational programs. We developed a multitude of ways for students to have enrichment opportunities during vacation weeks and the summer for educational recovery.”  

Azar believes the district and the two member towns are “in much better financial shape” now than when he first started in the position. Azar noted the creation of a full-day kindergarten program for the district, upgrades of the athletic facilities at the high school, making sure roofs and windows were replaced, adding new HVAC systems to the schools, and having worked with “an incredible staff at all levels.”

Azar said he always had an “open door” policy, allowing residents to get to know more about the schools. “I have continually invited people to meet with me and discuss ideas because I have lived in town for two decades. I have had the pleasure of discussing positive school experiences with so many people who felt a comfort level of coming up to me while I was coaching baseball, baseball or soccer,” Azar noted.

William Runey, the former Principal of Attleboro High School, is taking over as Superintendent on July 1. Azar advises Runey to “be honest, transparent, approachable, kind and always consider how your next decision will impact kids and to hold tight, there are rapids ahead.”


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