April 7, 2020

Bikers Wanted


Hello everyone. It is I, Hamster, your local member of Bikers Against Child Abuse reaching out to you once again. As we head into our fourth year I wanted to do a little update, right now we have a little over 30 members and supporters, we also have over 50 children that we brought into our family and are working with. I wish I could say it seems child abuse claims were in a decline but sadly that is not the case. We have been getting more and more calls from victims’ families that need our help and that is what we are here to do. This brings me to the purpose of this letter. We need dedicated people to help fill our ranks and give these children the help and support they need to try and overcome the atrocities that have been afflicted upon them. If you are a biker that wants to do more than watch the news and shake your head, check us out, if you don't ride or think you might not be able to give the time to become a full member, consider becoming a supporter. If you might be interested call our helpline at 401-487-1760 if you see one of our members ask questions we will be more than happy to answer whatever we can. If you would like attend one of our meetings, we get together the second Tuesday of every month at the Elks Lodge on Farnum Pike in Smithfield. I have often heard it said that Bikers have the biggest hearts and judging by the people that I ride with in this organization I must concur. I can only hope that I touched one or two of those hearts out there and you will consider giving us a look. Thank you for taking the time read this and remember as it says on the back of a B.A.C.A. members vest No Child Deserves To Live In Fear.

Paul "Hamster" Maynard
Road Captain
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Rhode Island Chapter


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