May 17, 2022



Fall gives way to winter, and the ice and bitter cold The youthful year that we once knew now grows so pale and old The snow mounts in mighty drifts, and blocks the streets and ways The sun is seen but few and seldom in these dark and dreary days But hold, in truth all is not lost. Indeed, we have a reason to celebrate among the chill of this dim and frosty season For there is a day, the greatest day, one single moment for cheer One pure, pure day that lets us know that God is with us here It is the holiday called Christmas. It is known throughout the land It is the day when troubles fade, and hand is held in hand It is a time for giving. It is a time for love A celebration of the birth of the One who sits above A happy time. A joyous time. A time for smiles and fun A time to step back and give thanks for all the good that's done Don't fret, and don't be sad, despite all your hardships or pain Keep the faith in your heart and soul, and blissful thoughts you'll gain Know well that you are loved. Know well that someone cares Look for God in kindly eyes, for through these He thus stares Don't get down, don't give up. Don't let the darkness win Open yourself up to God, and let His greatness in And suddenly, you'll feel no cold. You'll feel no snow or storm The rays of heaven will shine on you and keep you always warm So celebrate with laughter, this time so good and true Celebrate when God was born, on Earth, and yes, in you



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