December 3, 2023

Response from Michael Durkay


The last issue of the Seekonk Rehoboth Reporter contained a letter where a reader shared her opinions of the goings-on from the Seekonk Special Town Meeting of October 24th. I respect her right to form and communicate her opinions, and look forward to additional commentary in the future.

However, in the last paragraph of her letter, she implies that I lied to the individuals who attended that meeting. My position is an elected one, and while the responsibilities of my office may not compare to those of a State Senator or some other elected Town officials, I nonetheless took an oath to serve the people of Seekonk. I am a strong supporter of the Seekonk Library, but would never deliberately misstate facts or lie to advance the goals of the Library.

Implications of the type contained in the referenced letter are one of the reasons why residents of Seekonk are so divided about virtually everything. I would ask readers of the Reporter, and residents in general, to research statements and comments made by others before they simply accept everything that they read or hear. Better yet, reach out to those in government who are responsible for the issues about which you have questions. I strongly believe that the answer you receive will be accurate, and your action would be one step in restoring the civility that was a hallmark of this town in the past.

Michael Durkay, Chair
Seekonk Board of Library Trustees


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