February 25, 2020

Faria Speaks Much Progress, More Politics, And A Strong Future

Posted by bfariaward4

I will never stop fighting for the residents of my Ward and for the betterment of City of East Providence. Never.

The only way some could achieve their ground level attacks and smear campaigning, which was always the intention to begin with, was to tie it to a state-interested issue, such as the two to four year terms, although this was not an issue that I ever championed for to begin with.

Who will hold them 100% accountable for reporting any misinformation or half-truths? Sadly, The intent was to gain ground for their smears in the press. Fortunately, for the residents of East Providence, I do not give up easy or turn from a fight that is worth fighting.

Progress. The fiscal health of the city of East Providence is stronger now than in any other period in recent memory as the city continues to progressively move forward in almost every direction, allowing us to now place the necessary funding into repaving our roads, our infrastructure and other capital improvements throughout the city.

The confidence of this Council lies in the fact that we have done our very best to bring our city forward with numerous accomplishments and we will continue to focus on future accomplishments together that will lift the morale despite recent attacks of political opposition.

I am proud of the many accomplishments myself and this Council have achieved to date and would like to highlight just some of my personal accomplishments which directly affect the residents of Ward 4.

I’ve introduced 23 acts of legislation since I first took office 16 months ago sponsoring such legislation as a property tax grace period ordinance, allowing residents a two week interest free grace period and removing excessive past penalties. I’ve also enacted an ordinance creating an appellate process on water bills and relief to all those facing medical and financial hardships or to any resident that cannot find resolve on an administrative level.

To assist the most vulnerable in our Ward, I introduced an ordinance which creates a safe but business friendly door to door solicitors license, now requiring both police approval and a license badge to be worn by those canvassing from house to house.

I’ve sponsored resolutions that have provided up to $150,000 in loans to homeowners, assisting those living near the water in Riverside to tie into the sewer line, as well a resolution requesting the RI House and Senate delegation to obtain grants and projects to assist with the restoration and reclamation of our city’s beautiful shoreline. This directly assists those residents living along the water in Riverside.

I’ve recently created a senior citizen and disability hotline at City Hall to help those in need reach assistance in an expeditious and priority manner, as well as, recently introducing a Senior Citizen Advisory Board to establish better communication of the needs of our elderly and disabled citizens to the City Council.

To Simplify and further dignify the positions held on city boards and commissions, I’ve enacted a Board and Commission Reform Act Ordinance where we opened up the process to all residents dismissing all the politics associated with previous practices.

In an effort to create additional transparency and access during the job application process, I introduced an ordinance adding electronic advertisements for the posting of all city employment positions.

One of the greatest commitments I have is to provide is good constituent service to the residents of Ward 4. I’ve worked my hardest to form relationships and live up to the title of Councilman by responding to all of their needs and bring them to resolve, including some that have sat dormant for years.

I’ve also worked hard alongside The Police and Fire Pension Board enacting updated ordinances and ensuring all language conforms with State Law.

I’ve championed for reform and transparency, and will continue to bring my constituents tangible results and sponsor meaningful legislation working towards positive initiatives such as repaving our roads, addressing our water and sewer fees, monitoring the treatment to resolve the odor issue at our wastewater plant, and continue to advocate for the changeover to LED streetlights throughout the city as a cost saving measure as well as brighten darkened city streets.

2/4 Year Terms

I have never voted for the immediate implementation or extending my own term into a four year term. I have always stood the position that the matter must be decided by a higher authority. I also feel that an election should never be stolen from the people. We simply can’t pick and choose when we wish to respect the will of the people. The attachment of this issue to my name personally is simply a political smear at it’s best. I have ran in the last three elections on my own merit and efforts. I would only continue to do the same moving forward, since it is my character and in my nature to do so.

In closing, I feel that my father, John Faria, the head chairman of the City Democratic Committee has continued to fractionalize the party.

While I love my father, he has alienated myself and my family once again to regain political power in City Hall. Unfortunately, politics and power have always been front and center in his life. I will always acknowledge the loving guidance that I received from my grandparents. If they were alive today, I know they would be extremely proud of our achievements.

I could have easily remedied this divide between myself and my father, and this Council and the Democratic Committee (and like friends), If I simply just consented to their agendas and appointments. But with good conscience and a strong resolve, “I could not sell out” or allow that to stop me from my original promises to the voters, taxpayers and residents. I was elected to do the people’s business, not theirs. It is critical to describe this connection to those who may not understand the dividing strategies and rhetoric that continues to be practiced. I will continue to legislate and serve my constituents without distraction.

The best days for East Providence and this Council are still yet to come!

Your Councilman TrulyBrian Faria Ward 4


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