October 25, 2020

For Seekonk Residents with Special Circumstances


Wandering by people with special circumstances is common, dangerous, and puts tremendous stress on families. Six in ten people with dementia and nearly half of all children with autism will wander. These behaviors happen under every type of supervision and we are making every effort to locate and return your family members home safely.

Forms are available to assist first responders who may encounter individuals with special circumstances. The forms provide first responders with identifying information for individuals that may have limited communication capabilities, cognitive issues, or are unable to be located. The forms provide critical information such as favorite locations within town, physical descriptors, and caretaker information. This information is then entered into our computer aided dispatch for quick retrieval. The information provided remains confidential, voluntary, and may be removed from our system at any time.

These forms are available to all residents and are not restricted by age or circumstance. The forms are available at the Public Safety building located at 500 Taunton Avenue, on the Public Safety Communications department page, or you can request a form by emailing dispatch@seekonkpd.com  

We look forward to working together with the community and encourage all residents to inquire.

Seekonk Public Safety Communications


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