March 28, 2020



It was a disgrace at best to watch Nancy Pelosi’s group of misfits marching over to the senate with impeachment documents relating to our president, which they have been fabricating for over three years. It was also distasteful to watch Nancy Pelosi exhibit and pass out gold/silver autographed pens with her name embossed (paid for by you and I )served up on silverware along with her huge fake smile ,high fives and fake prayers for all, her notation the president will be impeached "forever" and her continuing remarks are also concerning. Shall we in the future, if we dislike the choice of the people and the vote start winner impeachment proceedings? Nancy Pelosi and her group of misfits i.e. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and others who have telling the truth issues not to mention they have done nothing to help or work us for over three years like health care, social security, Immigration, crime, homeless, trade, and many other IMPORTANT issues. Their ONLY concern is impeach, I will unlike the dems, accept the decision of the house after the trial which we all should accept and pay attention to the business of the people. These folks (dems) in my opinion are just all-time sore losers who just cannot accept the plain truth so my suggestion is bring it on for another defeat!!!!! HILLIARY LOST!!! GET OVER IT!!!!

Philip Sharp

Rehoboth MA


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