March 6, 2021

Raising Awareness about the Proposed Development of an Asphalt and Concrete Plant


January 22, 2021
Fellow Citizens,

We are trying to raise awareness about the proposed development of an asphalt and concrete plant to be constructed at 45 Industrial Court. We are concerned residents who live nearby the proposed site in a quiet community of private homes. Many of us have resided here for decades. The community consists of working class and professionals who have raised families and those with younger families. We have invested in the area because it has been a worthwhile area for present and future generations.

With the proposed development there are many concerns: 1) Environmental and Health Issue impacts. Asphalt plants emit carcinogens, the emissions are also irritants to eyes and respiratory systems. There is also the issue of emissions polluting local wells. 2) Nuisance: Asphalt plants emit foul odors, dust and noise. Though the planning board of Seekonk states the hours of operation to be 7AM to 7PM, our research reveals that these plants runs 24/7 in season in order to be profitable. This would endanger the tranquility of our surrounding neighborhood as would the 12 hour shift as well. (Think of a car horn blaring continually, day and night). 3) Property values would be impacted. The very presence of an asphalt plant that closely abuts residential property will have a negative impact on property values within a 2 mile radius. 4) The original intent of the Industrial Park when approved, was for “LIGHT” industrial use such as warehouses, storage, car repair shops. Traffic flow, noise, pollutions, and hazards to Health will be greatly compromised. 5)The impact to the surrounding wildlife, water resources, public schools, to mention only a few, will also be located within a 2 mile radius, cannot be safely predicted.

Please help our community by calling or writing to town members to alert them how detrimental and harmful the development of an asphalt plant will be on our community at large.

Thank you,
Neighborhood Advocacy Group


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