May 8, 2021

Open letter to Mayor Bob DaSilva & Councilman-at-Large Bob Rodericks re: Metacomet Golf Course Development Plans:

Posted by bobrod72

Mayor & City Officials:

I am wondering if the upcoming meeting in regards to the Metacomet/ Marshall Builders proposal for zoning is open to only the property owners within 200 feet? I am hoping this discussion ( and further discussions) will include the other 47,000 of us.

I am well aware that this was a private sale but what our city does next in zoning approval is of great concern to many.
I also understand that your choices will not please everyone; no business decisions ever do , but I feel we should be kept informed and included in these plans before they are signed in permanent ink.

No one is so naive as to not be aware that handshakes and nods were already made to Marshall way before the sale happened. No one spends millions without the assurance they will have no barriers forthcoming ( will they be getting tax breaks ?). We certainly don’t need much more retail (& traffic) this isn’t field of dreams. Building it will not necessarily make them come.
Malls and small businesses are already closing all around us.

I understand revenue is key here but are we as a city in such a bad position financially, that destroying the aesthetics of our quaint and family oriented city is worth the risk? Do we want to be a Garden City or Wrentham Outlet?

I question the occupancy of the newest build at Kettle Point? Is it at 90%? 50%? 20%? in sold units at prime prices that our own city citizens cannot possibly afford? Is Marshall also planning to price out the average resident with the housing they have planned?

These are some of the questions many of us have and I implore your council to at least include property and business owners here in East Providence in the planning and approval stages... Not exclusively those within 200 feet. It affects us all.

With Sincere Concern,
Jane Crevier
Home owner
Employee of locally owned business


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