January 28, 2022

Public statement from Keep Metacomet Green regarding false accusations of stalking and harassment leveled at KMG administrators


Yesterday serious accusations were leveled at the five administrators of KMG from a city employee. One of the accusations is of stalking. Stalking is a felony crime with wide ranging consequences for those charged. The other was harassment, which goes hand-in-hand with the charge of stalking.

As administrators, we have been called many things over the last 8 months, but nothing has risen to this level. In addition to the above we have been accused of the following (quotes taken from Facebook posts and comments):

— “ongoing harassment and constant stalking at my home and in my personal life from officials associated with KMG”
— “it is a matter of safety for me and family at this point”
—“Yep KMG has sent people to my house. Taken picture of my car and posted it for everyone to see”
—“I’m with you. They have been so horrible. It’s one thing to come at me professionally but to start coming and entering my home and my family. That’s enough”

The administrators would like to say that the above accusations have no truth nor merit, these never happened, and we take these allegations seriously.

We are giving this person the opportunity to retract her statements about the KMG administrators, to announce publicly there is no merit in these accusations and that they are a fabrication aimed at discrediting KMG. It is sad that so many officials have jumped on the bandwagon accusing the administrators of intimidating a public employee without first asking for proof.

Should these lies not be publicly retracted immediately, the administrators will have no option but to take this further.

Candy Seel
On behalf of
Keep Metacomet Green


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