February 27, 2024

Creating a “Wetland Preservation Zone"


Rehoboth Neighbors,

A group of concerned citizens would like your support in considering a proposal to establish a 25-foot wetland preservation zone in our Town bylaws.

Creating a “Wetland Preservation Zone" (WPZ) is one means of helping keep our wetlands clear and intact so that it can recharge the groundwater and the aquifer for our wells. Having a WPZ does not prohibit property owners from exercising their right to do work on their land, it just requires that the work is reviewed and permitted by the Conservation Commission in the same way that it is now, but with the teeth to stop any dangerous encroachment on a shared public resource.

This action brings Rehoboth in line with other Southeastern Massachusetts Towns. There are currently 212 communities out of 351 in Massachusetts with conservation ordinances or bylaws stricter than those provided under the State’s Wetland Preservation Act. The ordinances by municipality are listed here: https://www.thesunchronicle.com/news/local_news/attleboros-proposed-75-foot-wetland-no-disturb-zone-draws-debate/article_cbf203bc-d1f4-5e84-9c17-ad57e6b5d89e.html 

January - March 2023, roundtable discussions will be held once a month at the Goff Hall for you to share ideas, ask questions and raise concerns. Please look out for notices at the Post Office and around town for meeting dates.

Clean drinking water impacts everyone. Please join us to consider ways that we can ensure sustainable growth that protects our community for current and future residents.

Thanks for your attention & participation!

"Swamp Stewards, Lisa Sirois and Katy Rourke Wilson."


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