April 8, 2020

Town of Seekonk Public Works Department - Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Snow Removal


1.Is there a parking ban in effect when it snows?
Yes. When snow is predicted, a parking ban will be put into effect for 24 hours to assist the snowplow operation. The information will be broadcast over the local TV and radio stations.

2.Why is snow pushed into my driveway by the plows?
It is really unavoidable. Snow is moved by the plow from the centerline to the gutter line, where it is windrowed on the curb and on the shoulder. Public Works Department crews will try to clear snow to the curb as soon after the storm as possible. However, during heavy snowfalls, plows may run as many as 3 to 4 passes in each direction of travel to clear snow.

3.Which streets are cleared first?
When a storm begins, all main and secondary connectors will be maintained as the storm allows. During a heavy snowfall in excess of 3” – 4” all streets are plowed as soon as possible to ensure the passage of snow removal vehicles until the conclusion of the storm. At that time a “curb to curb” operation begins and all streets will be pushed back to the curb.

4.What should I do if a plow knocks down my mailbox or digs up the grass?
The Public Works Department will not repair mailboxes that were damaged by the windrow of snow caused by the plow. Sturdiness should be a consideration when you purchase your mailbox. It should be able to resist the force, weight and sweep of snow caused by the plows. Mailboxes damaged as a direct result of contact with the plowing vehicle will be replaced with the standard mailbox and post. Restoration to privately owned lawn sprinkling systems located in the Right-of-Way is the responsibility of the resident or property owner. If your lawn is damaged, call Public Works to report the damage. Someone will go and look at the damage. If the damage is significant we will repair with loam and seed.

5.What if I have a true emergency during the storm and can’t get out of my driveway?
Do NOT call Public Works. Call *911* and inform them of your emergency. Advise them, if you know, that the road has not been cleared and is not accessable by emergency vehicles. They will contact Public Works directly and the necessary equipment will be dispatched up to and including your driveway if necessary.

6.What if my street has not been plowed and I can’t get to work, the store, etc.?
Do NOT call Public Works or the Police Department to advise that your street has not yet been plowed. Please be patient. The snow plow vehicles will remain on the road until every street is cleared enough to allow traffic to move. If you can’t get to the store, chances are the person working at the store can’t get there either.
Depending on the severity, it takes approximately 6 to 10 hours to completely open up every street after a snow storm. If after that time your road has not been plowed, there is a possibility that it may have been overlooked. Please call and we will remedy the situation as soon as possible.

7.I cleaned my driveway after the storm ended, yet a machine just came through on the sidewalk and made a mess in my driveway.
After a significant snowfall, the Department of Public Works makes every attempt to open up the sidewalks throughout the Town. This is usually done within a short period of time after all the roads are opened up, time and weather permitting. While doing so, some snow can and will be deposited into the driveways of abutting residents. The only way to avoid this would be to clear the sidewalks in front of your property yourself.

8.Why won’t the plows plow out my driveway or the end of my driveway?
The Department of Public Works is not responsible for driveway snow removal. The costs of such a program would be too prohibitive. Please do not as the plow driver to do this as it slows down the operation.

9.When it snows, what should I do with my trash and recycling?
If it snows on the day your trash and recycling is scheduled to be picked up, please put your containers in a location where they are least likely to be affected by the snowplow operation, such as a corner of your driveway abd a couple of feet off the edge of the road. Plows must push snow to the sides of the road and cannot avoid containers placed along the edge of the road.

10.What about my yard waste?
If it snows, yard waste pickup will be delayed. The Public Works Department is responsible for yard waste pick up and must plow snow first. When it snows, we ask that you DO NOT put your yard waste out on the curb. The snowplow will probably knock the bags over or they may lose strength and break.


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