September 26, 2021

Townie Ryan Gorham Needs 2nd Kidney Transplant. Go Fund Me set up.

Also recipient of liver transplant in 2011. 1st kidney transplant in 2003


Ryan Gorham needs another kidney transplant. Gorham, a 2008 East Providence High School graduate, has suffered from polycystic kidney disease since birth. Through the years, the now 31 year old former star athlete at EPHS, has undergone more than 35 surgeries. He had a kidney transplant in 2003 while in school and then needed a liver transplant in 2011. His kidney is now failing and he is high on the national list for another transplant.

Ryan is the son of Sandy and Maura Gorham. Sandy Gorham is a teacher at EPHS and the winningest football head coach in Townie history. His teams have won more super bowls and championships than any other EP coach. He also coached winning softball and swimming teams. Retired from coaching at EP, Gorham is still a physical education teacher at EPHS. He is also a winning coach at Barrington High School in football, swimming and softball. Additionally Sandy Gorham, a standout athlete at EPHS himself, runs the Kendbrin Swim Club in East Providence every summer.

Sandy and Maura Gorham and their son Ryan have faced major medical bills through the years. In addition to non-covered expenses, the family has to endure the cost of travel, lodging and other incidentals. They once again face mounting expenses as Ryan awaits another kidney transplant any day.

A friend, Audrey McClelland, has organized a “GoFundMe” account to help the family defray some expenses. Friends have been donating and the fund is nearing its goal. As friends, family and former classmates reach out to Ryan in person and on social media, Ryan Gorham remains positive and humbled. He has told his friends that “It was a great time to grow up and even better area to grow up in (Riverside). I couldn’t imagine a better or more fulfilling childhood and I thank you all so much,” he replied.

It was Ryan’s Mom who donated a kidney to save her son. In a 2017 post, Ryan said, “My mother had stepped to the plate and was ready to give up her kidney in order for me to live a healthy life. December 2nd, 2003 rolled around and I got my new kidney and a new lease on life. I told my mother that she had given me life twice, and I couldn't be more thankful. 14 years and 1 liver transplant later I live a normal, happy, healthy life. I have a great group of friends and support system, who have been with me through it all. Without my mother's kidney donation who knows where I would be today.”

Now, in 2020, that normalcy for 31 year old Gorham is facing another challenge. Donations can be made to the Gorham Family Fund by logging on to


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