January 27, 2022

Traffic Cameras


Although EP Police Chief Nebus may be an official with sincere intentions regarding traffic safety and reducing accidents, the widely duplicated rhetoric that traffic cameras deter speeding and change driving behavior is institutionalized sophistry. I received a $50 ticket for driving thirty-five in a Providence school zone I am unfamiliar with––in the mail three months after my reckless act. I do not deny their photo-evidence it was me; I just don't remember ever being there. No judge is going to listen to that. So, I pay my fine into Providence's robot revenue program, and if some new candid camera in East Providence catches me in an unfamiliar area not paying enough attention, I will have to pay that post-dated fine someday too, because the city's true objective is my paying. I am no more of an aware driver than I was three months earlier, just one of many who are $50 broker. Traffic speed cameras serve no actual public safety purpose, they are just a cheaply collected driving tax.

Richard F. Brown
Riverside, RI


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