October 27, 2021

Preschool Screenings for 2021-2022 School Year


Both Dighton Elementary and Palmer River Elementary School will be taking appointments for preschool screening for the 2021-2022 school year. Residents of Dighton who have a three or four year old and are Interested In the screening may call Dighton Elementary School at 608-669-4246. Residents of Rehoboth who have, a three or four year old and are Interested may call Palmer River Elementary School at 508-252-5110.

This screening process Is for NEW applicants who live In either the town of Dighton or Rehoboth and whose child will be at least 3 years of age by August 31, 2021. These screenings serve two purposes. First, students will be eligible to enter a lottery for available openings In the Integrated Preschool Program at their prospective schools. This program Integrates typically developing children to serve as role models for children In need of special education services through a play centered, Interactive, curriculum-rich preschool experience. Secondly, the screenings serve to Identify students who may need further evaluations and/or special education services.

Please call the elementary schools associated with your residence to arrange an appointment. Screenings will take place the week of April 26, 2021. The developmental and social skills screening takes approximately 30 minutes. Please bring the following lo the appointment:

Proof of residency (recent utility bill or tax statement, mortgage or lease statement, etc..) Child's original birth certificate and/or certified copy
Drivers license

... Copies of these documents will be made at the time of the appointment

A screening can NOT be completed If an appointment lime was not secured and/or needed documents are not available at the lime of the appointment We look forward lo meeting with you and your child as part of this process. If you have any questions please reach out to:

Dighton Elementary School
Lynn Dessert, Principal
Ashley Fullen, Assistant Principal

Palmer River Elementary School
Arlene Miguel, Principal
Elise DuBois, Assistant Principal


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