October 27, 2021

Follow Up To “Memo”:


Time has passed since that memo and during that time I have reached a couple of milestones. I made it to 77, I met my goal of 25 years with the same company, and I have retired for the second and final time from that company. I have worked from the age of 17, like most of our generation and had all sorts of jobs, including starting my own cake decorating business while i stayed home raising my children. Once they were in school full time, I started looking forward to that perfect job. Turned out I needed binoculars. As I mentioned, I worked many jobs, but in 1996 I found “it”. My wish was to find an employer that would take care of me – wages, medical, 401k, the whole works, and i in turn would give back 110% in dedication, honesty, and performance. It became the perfect fit.

I’m now into my second full week of retirement. I had decided up front I would take the first week off and do what I wanted or do nothing at all. I started out by getting up whenever I felt like it, had my coffee, sit and read my book for a while, played with lacey my cat, and enjoyed my gardens and the birds. I’m at the end of week 2 and I am kind of enjoying being on my own clock, not having to reach up to that high shelf for something, or that dark corner. I know i have things waiting for me to do, starting with purging, etc. But when I’m ready, I’ll make headway clearing out the non-essentials. For now, I’m enjoying the outside immensely. What more could I ask for?

Life is short, it is precious, and non-refundable and the older we get the more we understand that. So go out and do what you enjoy, do a good deed here and there because it makes you feel good, and pay it forward while you still can. It will come back to you in ways you least expect.

I would also like to say I received a couple of messages from people saying they enjoyed the “memo” to us and I just want to say thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated.

Oh, one more thing. Did I say it was the “last” time I was retiring?

Stay tuned ‘til next time!
Paula m. Boudreau


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