October 2, 2022

Hornbine School Museum Neighborhood


Would you like to take a short, fun, inexpensive and educational day trip to a historic land mark? Less than a gallon of gas will take your family to Rehoboth’s Hornbine School Museum. The old schoolhouse will be open to the public every 2nd and 4th Sunday from June to September. The Hornbine School Museum is located in the south east corner of Rehoboth at the corner of Baker and Hornbine Roads.

This season, we are celebrating Frances Magan’s 100th birthday. She has lived in the Hornbine Neighborhood most of her life. She and several of her relatives attended the Hornbine School. Her mother was the custodian at the school. And several of her grandchildren and great grandchildren have visited the school with their classes over the years. In recent years, Frances Magan Jones has shared her experiences at the school, and in the Hornbine Neighborhood, with visiting classes and Open House guests.

To watch a You Tube video interview with Frances, go to You Tube and type in “Remembering Rehoboth Schools - Beverly Pettine Interviews Francis Jones”

Step back in time on Sunday, June 12th. Visit both the Hornbine School and the Carpenter Museum (located on Bay State Road) to experience several historical activities.

Stay informed about the Hornbine School Museum happenings in the Rehoboth Reporter. Like and/or Follow The Hornbine School Museum on Facebook. We also have a web site at https://hornbineschool.tripod.com/ 


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