November 30, 2023

Hornbine School – We Want Your Pictures


Did YOU or YOUR CHILDREN attend a day at the Hornbine School for a CLASS TRIP? Children have been visiting the school for 55 years! WE WANT YOUR PICTURES! We will have a scanner available at the School on Saturday October 7th and Sunday November 5th to copy any pictures you would like to share. We would also like to receive pictures of any schools in town that have closed such as North Rehoboth School, Anawan School, Pleasant Street School and/or any of the closed one-room schools.

We often have people tell us that their older relatives attended the Hornbine School. Sometimes, we find a record of their relative and sometimes not. Recently, we had a visitor who said his mother attended the school. She lived near the corner of Peck Street and Frances Street. That was a long distance from the Hornbine School. The Wheeler School was located close to the corner of New Street and Fairview Ave. which was closer to where she lived. So, we looked at the Wheeler School information. Although we didn't find a picture of his mother, we did find a picture of his aunt from the early 1920s.

This is how we believe these mistakes happen. During the 60s and 70s, many people who attended the Rehoboth one room schools were all attracted to the Hornbine School meetings and events. Because of this involvement, they would talk about the Hornbine School at home. The younger relatives would believe that their older relatives attended the Hornbine School because of these conversations.

Our OPEN HOUSES this month will be on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, September 10th & 24th from 2 - 4 P.M. We are located at 144 Hornbine Road in Rehoboth, MA.


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