August 9, 2022

Thank You from Rehoboth Food Pantry


Spring has been very busy at the Pantry, and it’s hard to believe that summer is just around the corner! Rehoboth residents and businesses alike continue their incredible generosity in supporting the Pantry, and in turn, our neighbors in need.

As we all know, fuel costs have been skyrocketing, with no end in sight – yet Rehoboth’s generosity has allowed us to continue to aid those who find themselves in need of assistance with fuel! Every one of you, volunteers, contributors, businesses neighbors…every one of you are part of the Pantry!
We have a few “shout outs” of thanks in this note. First, we are so grateful for the recent Food Drive run by the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel St. Vincent de Paul Society. The outpouring of food from the parish was truly overwhelming! Recent times has made getting needed supplies challenging. This food drive has helped replenish our shelves enabling us to continue serving our neighbors in need.

Thanks also goes to our donation centers, which make it convenient for donors to bring food and supplies.

Thank you!

• Land Tek - 477 Winthrop St, Rehoboth
• Monroe Feed and Grain - 200 Fairview Ave, Rehoboth
• Harvest Tap & Table - 2685 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy, Swansea
• Blanding Library - 124 Bay State Rd, Rehoboth

A few additional words of thanks to the wonderful volunteers who make running the pantry possible. There is much that happens behind the scenes, from procuring and picking up food, stocking and stacking shelves, bagging and assisting clients….and so very much more. Without the help of these tireless souls, we would not be able to serve our neighbors. Thank You!!

Also, Hannaford Market has been wonderful providing us with weekly meat donations as well as ordering much needed food and supplies for many special holidays. We are also grateful for Gold Medal Bakery in Fall River who provides weekly bread donations.

Last, and certainly NOT least, a very special thanks to Julie Dalpe, who has served as treasurer for the Pantry for the past 5 Years and is now stepping down. It is an arduous task, and we are ever so grateful for your years of service - Julie....Thank shall be missed!!

We are so blessed to be part of this community – and each and every one of you deserves a huge THANK YOU for aiding one another in their times of need.

Scott Lacourse
Rehoboth Food Pantry 


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