April 19, 2024

A letter of support for the 35' Wetlands Buffer Zone By-Law


I am writing to encourage you to support the proposal to establish a 35’ wetlands preservation zone via a new by-law. A 35’ Wetlands Buffer Zone will further protect our water supply, prevent flooding issues and safeguard habitat for the flora and fauna of our wetlands. The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act offers limited protection, so it is up to each town to enact their own wetlands by-laws to gain greater protection. A minimum of 35’ is necessary for enough distance from a construction project to allow filtration of water moving through wetlands.

We will have an opportunity to vote for this by-law at the May 9th Town Meeting. The attached flow-chart will help you understand the process that would be required for new construction in Rehoboth if we had this by-law in place. (see flow chart diagram)

To learn more about the proposed by-law, one last informational meeting with a round table discussion will be held on Wednesday, April 19, at 7 pm in Goff Hall. Please attend, bring your friends, and ask lots of questions!

Carol Entin
March 30, 2023


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