October 2, 2023

A Message of Thanks from the Rehoboth Garden Club


The Rehoboth Garden Club held our annual Plant Sale on Saturday May 6th at Francis Farm. We were delighted to see the hundreds of community members who attended.

What those people saw were beautiful, healthy plants. What they couldn’t see were the many individuals and Rehoboth Town Departments that made our sale possible.

The following deserve our recognition and sincere thanks:

Our Rehoboth Selectmen, who recognized early on the potential for utilizing Francis Farm as the hub of Rehoboth’s community and social life, and allowed us to be the first town organization to use the facility in 2022.

Specifically, Selectman George Solas, who has become our garden club’s greatest advocate and patron. The time, skills, and effort George has invested in the Rehoboth Garden Club are truly appreciated.

Tish Vadnais, and the Agricultural Commission, who generously sponsored our sale.

Buildings and Maintenance Supervisor Mike Viveiros and his crew. Those men worked so hard to prepare, set up and break down the pavilion, and provide us with everything we needed on site.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Ramos and his officers, who diligently patrolled the pavilion to protect our 1,800+ plants and equipment from theft or vandalism.

Adam Latham, the Department Head of Landscaping Design and Contracting at Bristol County Agricultural High School. Our collaboration with Adam makes unique bushes, shrubs and trees that were grown at their school available to our customers. Profits from the sale of those plants are shared by Bristol Aggie and our Rehoboth Garden Club.

Val Sousa, owner of Sousa Family Farm on Agricultural Ave. Rehoboth, and Barbara and David Frerich, owners of Frerichs Farm in Warren, Rhode Island, who provided us with beautiful annuals and hanging plants at deeply discounted prices. Both of these local family businesses contribute a great deal to their communities.

Our club members, who dug up and grew plants to donate, and volunteered their help. Special thanks to Co-Chair Helen Saulia and the Plant Sale Committee, who dedicated so much time and hard work before, during and after the sale.

Our many loyal customers, who supported our annual fundraiser. The happy buzz of people talking and laughing with others while shopping made this more than a sale. It was a community social event. All your purchases help to fund our scholarship, civic, and educational programs.

The overwhelming success of our plant sale is a beautiful example of what can be accomplished by our town, for our town.

On behalf of the full membership of the Rehoboth Garden Club, I sincerely appreciate and thank you all.

Linda McHugh, Plant Sale Committee Co-Chair


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