June 22, 2024

Palmer River News


Palmer River Elementary School has had an action-packed month, filled with enriching experiences and significant milestones for students across all grade levels. Our school was thrilled to host SPOT, the robotic canine ambassador from Boston Dynamics, providing students with a firsthand look at the exciting world of robotics.

SPOT's visit was a highlight for the school, captivating students as they observed the robot's impressive capabilities. Demonstrations of SPOT's agility and practical applications left an indelible impression, fostering curiosity and igniting the imaginations of young learners. The experience highlighted the real-world relevance of robotics, inspiring many students to explore STEM fields further.

This memorable event was made possible by the dedicated efforts of Mrs. Sullivan and the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), whose coordination and support brought this unique learning opportunity to the school community.

In addition to the exciting visit from SPOT, the school celebrated another significant achievement: the successful completion of the mathematics MCAS tests by the fourth-grade students. This marks a crucial milestone in their academic journey, demonstrating their dedication and perseverance.

Field trips also added to the month's enriching experiences. First graders enjoyed an exciting trip to Roger Williams Zoo, where they learned about various animal species and their habitats. Second grade classes had an educational visit to the Natural Resource Trust, exploring nature and environmental conservation. Meanwhile, third graders took a trip to the Carpenter Museum, delving into local history and gaining a deeper appreciation for their community's heritage. As the school year continues, the staff and students look forward to more opportunities for growth, learning, and celebration.


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