January 29, 2022



Hi my name is Andrea Rosseter, and i'm running for school committee. This is my first time running for public service, and since I've lived here for only four years I thought I'd tell you a bit about … more
Over the past two years, we've all embraced the challenges of Covid-19, and the changes it has brought upon our lives. I can admit that during this time, I learned a valuable lesson; that I blindly … more
Cold air Came last night, Weaving tapestries Of white. None are shaped The same. Windows Hold them In their frames. Woven tapestries Make each room A gallery. … more

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Creating A Solid ResuméBelieve it or not, creating a solid resumé is just as important as prepping for your job interview. Your resumé is your chance to make a strong first … more
(Family Features) Your financial health is just as important as your physical and mental health. Money affects almost every aspect of your life and can be the determining factor in many of your … more

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