July 4, 2022

Emily Field for Seekonk School Committee


My name is Emily Field, and I would like to share a little bit about myself and my reasons for seeking a position on the Seekonk School Committee. I have strong ties to Seekonk, having grown up here and attending SPS from the very beginning of my school journey. I was a Seekonk student from Kindergarten through High School Graduation, and at times it was definitely a struggle. Due to diagnoses of Dyslexia, ADHD, and an Auditory Processing Disorder I had to tap into all the resources the town and school system had to offer. I utilized an IEP, Individualized Education Plan, to place certain accommodations which helped me reach Graduation as well as attended the Learning Center for additional aid. Why is this relevant to my campaign for serving on the School Committee? Because not only am I a proud lifelong resident of Seekonk deeply rooted in this community, I am also a former student who knows how important it is to advocate for every child enrolled in our schools, no matter their ability. Because my former teachers were so devoted, I was able to earn my BA from Salve Regina University and create my successful photography business. Now, I would like to thank them by showing my own devotion to making sure that SPS is a thriving school community that strives for the success of every student here.

Some may ask why I decided to pursue a Seekonk School Committee position when I am not an educator myself. I answer this by saying that I am already actively involved in the school community by volunteering with the Aitken School PTO, where my daughter and nephew currently attend. I extend my work with the PTO by coaching a variety of sports including Second and Eighth Grade Boys’ Rec Basketball, Girls’ Softball, Tee Ball, and Tennis. My face is familiar to many of you from the fields and gyms of our town as well as my family’s many businesses which have been a cornerstone of the community from the onset. When I say my roots are deep here, I mean they run down to the core.

I may not hold an Education degree, but many in my family do. My mother, my sister, and my uncle have all worked as educators or administrators in surrounding towns. I have absorbed their experiences over the years, learning much about the strengths and areas of improvement the education system as a whole presents. I believe this gives me the advantage of viewing both sides of the educational coin; the side of the parent of a student and the side of the teachers and administration. This is a unique viewpoint, and coupled with my creative ability to find solutions that may not be so easily seen by others, I feel that it makes me a very strong candidate. I will be able to bridge the gap in communication that sometimes distances parents and educators, and I will do it with the deep commitment my love for my community demands. I always have time to stop and chat, I am never too busy to listen. I am happy to help anyone in any way I can, and when I believe that there is something that needs to be done or fixed, I will chase it until it is complete. I believe in this town, in this school system, and I welcome the challenge of serving the families, educators, and administrators of SPS in a new and different way than I have in the past. I will approach the challenge with the same determination, focus, devotion, and empathy that I have already demonstrated in every aspect of my life.

Emily E Field
100 Fairway Drive

school committee


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