July 6, 2022

Meaghan Mahoney for Seekonk School Committee


My name is Meaghan Mahoney and I am seeking your vote for School Committee for our upcoming town election on April 4th. I’m honored to be considered for this important role in our town and would like to share more about myself and what I hope to contribute to our schools.

My passion for education and pride in Seekonk is deeply woven into both my personal and professional life. As a lifelong resident of Seekonk, my husband and I chose to stay and raise our family here. With three children in the school system (currently SHS, HMS and Aitken), I have had the opportunity to be actively involved in our school community as a parent for over a decade, including serving as PTO vice-president at Aitken, School Council parent representative at HMS, among other volunteer roles. Professionally, I have been a school-based Occupational Therapist for eighteen years, giving me a deep understanding of the unique needs of students at all grade levels and the role that education can play in helping them reach their potential.

We can all recognize that the past two school years have been perhaps the most challenging for our students and our community in the history of Seekonk. Our families have struggled and our students have suffered–both academically and socially. This has put enormous pressure on all of our town leaders and they have my deep admiration for the hard work they’ve done to help us weather this storm. My commitment to you is this: if elected, I will build on this work and collaborate with my fellow School Committee members and other branches of town government to push for absolute transparency, accountability and respect for the diverse voices that make up our town. I will welcome feedback while presenting accurate information to the public–all with the common goal of doing what’s best for our students and our community. I recognize that this is not easy or straightforward, especially with respect to federal and state requirements and the multiple priorities that fall within our town budget. We must be creative and carefully consider long term plans that are transparent to all stakeholders–from our town leaders to our educators to our students.

Thank you for considering me for this important role. From a very young age growing up here in Seekonk, I have challenged myself to be a fair, effective leader and team player. With your vote, I look forward to serving with an open mind and commitment to fair and equitable decisions that will help support our students in this challenging time


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