July 6, 2022

School Committee Candidates


I had as I promised several Seekonk concerned residents to pull papers & intended to run for one of the two School Committee seats available come April. I disclosed to those I made this promise that I would back out if Kyle Juckett & Andrea Rosseter ran for these positions as I thought they were the best candidates who believe Government Schools should be the "Best in Education" and have a plan to make that happen. A school system that teaches each individual student the way they learn with a curriculum designed to promote maximum success for every graduate to go on to be knowledgeable, responsible, confident, kindhearted, hardworking American patriots. Kyle & Andrea have been working tirelessly behind the scenes without the need for accolades or applause only having the best interest of students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers uppermost in their minds. They are not inclined to complain as their intent is always to fix things, to get the job done with an open mind, ears that listen well & to be voices for those that feel muted by the system they fund. Historically speaking most school committee members have been born or raised here, have businesses in town, or do business in town, have joined the PTA or other committees & have deep roots in town. They have warm hearts & good intentions & they try their best to be their best & do their best, yet their practices have left many students, parents, teachers & taxpayers feeling unwelcome, excluded & estranged. Kyle Juckett & Andrea Rosseter have a fresh new approach to leadership. They are the fresh new faces of authority with the capacity for fiscal responsibility, a propensity for open communication & fancy a partnership with parents, students, administrators, teachers & the school committee. They do not speak in whispers, they roar evidence-based information supported with facts & knowledge gained through research. Our quaint & lovely town is in need of new leaders who are strong constitutionally minded, well informed free thinkers who have a warrior spirit & that is exactly what Kyle & Andrea will bring to our schools & community as a whole.

Lori Saudade


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