May 27, 2024

Scouting for Food Breaks the (Food) Bank


The Scouting for Food collection was another enormous success; the Scouts from BSA Troops 1 and 9, and the Cub Scouts from Pack 88, collected a record haul estimated at over 8,000 pounds of food donations from the people of Seekonk, whose contributions will bolster the flagging inventory of food at the Doorways Food Pantry. The Scouts “broke” the food bank, filling 25 shopping carriages to the brim with canned goods, and covered every flat surface with an assortment of food, wonderful in both quantity and variety. “The donations filled our space to overflowing.” said Diane Fox of Doorways. “We had boxes and bags filling every available surface, with boxes piled two, three, and even four high, lining up and down the hallways. The Scouts are a great neighbor to the community.”

The residents of Seekonk donated generously in support of their neighbors, and the food you gifted will fill the cupboards of homes throughout our community for many weeks to come. Most of Doorways shoppers are seniors on fixed incomes, or people with disabilities who cannot work. Others are young families struggling with low incomes. Regardless of the age or the reason, the assistance provided by a food pantry is more important than ever, as the cost of gasoline, fuel oil, and groceries continues to increase. Over seventy families rely on Doorways on a regular basis, and Doorways, in turn, relies on people like you. God bless you for sharing.


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