December 3, 2023

3/10 of a Mile

Greetings, just a sad message to the local residents.


I just want to enlighten the local residents as to how out of control the litter on our streets have gotten. We live in such a beautiful area and yet it's getting abused. It's heart breaking and it seems it's only going to get worse. It appears very little is being done about it as far as I can see. Earlier this week I took my wheelbarrow up my street and started picking up trash. I had to reach down to pick things up so often that I might as well have just crawled. I ended up turning back before I was able to go the distance I wanted, because the barrel was full. Including a 5-gallon bucket. I HAD ONLY WALKED 3/10 OF A MILE!!

I filled the 5-gallon bucket with just nip bottles! I've decided to bring them to Briggs Corner store, where they will turn them into the city. Apparently for about every 5-gallon bucket of nip bottles, $50 goes towards cleaning the city of Attleboro. Kudos to them. All the empty returnables I am sending to Winslow Animal Sanctuary. They use them to help take care of the animals. Anyone can donate empties to the sanctuary.

I'm not looking for any notoriety about picking the rubbish up. I'm just hoping for more awareness of how out of control this has gotten, and maybe a resolution.

I would be more than happy to clean up the rest of my street. But it cost money to dispose of the trash, and there is a very significant amount. I really can't get myself to pay for all of that. As horrible as I sound saying that and being that way. It's not nearly as horrible as being the people who are dumping the trash in the first place.

I know the world is in a mess with litter (among so many other things), but we could at least take care of our own little town......Please.

Its great we do an annual clean up, many people will see how bad it is. But we all need to be aware, and we need to do more.

Tracy Buckley


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