January 28, 2022

Anawan School Clarifications?


In the past few weeks there have been three articles in the Rehoboth Reporter on the Anawan School status. It's hard to get a clear understanding of the situation because one week the building is "ready to collapse", and this week the building is able to be rehabilitated. In addition, in previous weeks the reconstruction figure was 2 million and has now jumped to 10 million, this all cited by the government. It's easy to get whiplash by the figures.

It is a fact that this building has stood the test of time. Built around the depression, finished in the 30s. Many folks have multigenerational attendees in their family. Most unique and important is the wood, steel and brick framing. The CPC is willing to help, and we have yet to see what federal funds are available. State leaders seem willing to help but need to be asked for their help.

Can't we take a pause to get our figures and facts straight? There are a multitude of uses for this building that could add to the community. Maybe the Economic Development Committee has suggestions?

It seems like we are just seeing what sticks and all the while potentially missing out on an opportunity. It's worth noting the demolition cost is rising, too.

Richard G. Dias,
life-long resident and home & building restorer for over 40 years.


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