July 15, 2024

Martin-Riverside Mayor's Cup Games Today. Baseball, Softball at EPHS 3:30 pm

Rivalry began in the 1950's. Tradition to continue today.


The East Providence Mayor’s Cup for middle school baseball and softball is today at East Providence High School at 3:30 pm. The baseball game will be immediately followed by the Townie varsity high school game against Prout Memorial. The middle school girls will play each other at the adjacent softball field. Some liken the Martin-Riverside rivalry across sports as a Future’s Showcase, displaying talent of next generation Townies and athletes. Call it anything you want but call it a lot of fun at East Providence High School today, especially if you like school rivalry sports. In today’s contest, it’s middle school rivalry baseball. The two schools have played against each other for decades, albeit in different settings and sometimes with different school names. Since the earliest days of East Providence athletics, the city’s two junior high/middle schools have enjoyed a rich history. It started out as Central Junior high vs Riverside Junior high school. The former Central Junior high on Taunton/Wheldon Avenues and Riverside Junior high on Pawtucket Avenue, overlooking Narragansett Bay. The Central “Blue Devils” became the Edward R. Martin “Wildcats” as they moved to a new school on Brown Street in 1977. The Riverside football team became the “Vikings” as they moved into their new building on Forbes Street in 1967.

There were many memorable athletic contests between Central-Riverside including the annual Central-Riverside Football game held at Pierce Stadium. The late sixties into the seventies saw some classic football clashes at Pierce with Central/Martin and Riverside players eventually joining together to form those powerhouse EPHS Townie champion football teams. By the middle nineties, the two junior highs became middle schools sending the 9th grade to the high school configuration and pulling in the 6th grade from elementary. That ended junior high football but the other sports remained.

But fast-forward to 2023. The two schools are now middle schools, football doesn’t exist for RI middle schools, but basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and track are still competitive. This year both schools have seen exciting boys and girls basketball games. Earlier the soccer teams played each other in a Mayor’s Cup city game and now baseball is featured. The community is urged to come out today at 3:30 at EPHS, if you’re available, to support Martin and Riverside student-athletes. The players will play on the brand-new high school turfed baseball field and it is a chance for parents and others to see some of the new $189M high school campus.

EPHS athletic director Alex Butler is as excited about the Mayor’s Cup games as the teams are. “It's a great opportunity for the middle school athletes to play a game at the high school and get a feel for what the future could look like for them. Just like our high school games, there will be starting lineups and music and the kids will be introduced, which doesn't usually happen in middle school. It will be a fun day for the athletes and their families,” said AD Butler.

“The junior high/middle school cross town rivalry games have been a part of this community for decades. Today both the softball and baseball teams from Edward R. Martin Middle School and Riverside Middle School will be playing against each other at 3:30 on the brand-new turf fields at East Providence High School. Come by and support the “Mayors Cup” games, there is no charge for admission,” adds EPHS baseball coach Bobby Rodericks.

Mayor Bob DaSilva will attend and present the Mayor's Cup Trophy to the winning team. "I'm looking forward to this cross town rivalry. Who will earn the Mayor’s Cup Trophy today!" said DaSilva with a smile.

"Be careful how you present the trophy Mr. Mayor," joked City Council President Bob Rodericks. "Families from both schools are voters!" All sides agree that today, however the scores, is a nice day for Townie Pride.


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