October 26, 2021

What does a church do during a pandemic?

Posted by newmanucc1643

Well, if that church is Newman UCC, we create new programming... programming you may have been looking for.

Launching on September 20 is a new Faith Formation program for those between the ages of 13 and 113. (Although honestly, if someone who is 114 wants to join in... we will let them)

We are calling it Faith-FULL Affirmations, though some may call it "Confirmation For All Ages." Others may even call it "Membership Classes." And you know what? They would all be right.

Our new program, Faith-Full Affirmations is a "Confirmation"-style program for adults AND youth. It is for anyone seeking membership into the church as well as those who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of the Bible, faith practices and what it means to belong.

Faith-FULL Affirmations is a three-module program which will be offered on Sunday mornings at 9am using the Zoom platform. You are invited to participate in one module, two modules, or all three if you'd like.

  • The first module is Bible Boot Camp, a great place for beginners as well as for those who wish to brush up on their Bible skills.
  • The second module is Belief & Belongings, and this is where we get into what it means to be part of a faith community. We'll discuss theology, church history, and learn more about our denomination, the United Church of Christ.
  • The third module is Faith Practices, an opportunity to look at many of the traditional Christian practices and discover new ways to deepen our faith.

If you've read this far... great! Stay with me... this stuff is exciting!

  • For those in our faith community who have sought a "Confirmation" program, this is it!
  • For those who have been worshiping with us for some time and would like to take the next step and become a formal "member" of the church, this is it!
  • For those who are seeking to deepen your connection in our faith community while learning more about this thing called faith, this is it!

This program is for you!

Each module is scheduled for five (5) consecutive Sunday mornings. Here's the schedule:

Bible Boot Camp - September 20 - October 18
Beliefs & Belongings - November 1 - 29
Faith Practices - January 3 – 31

If you would like to participate, contact Pastor Timoth Sylvia at 401-434-4742 ext. 11.

For those seeking to use Faith-FULL Affirmations as a gateway to membership, you must complete two modules, one of which must be Beliefs & Belongings. Any youth participating in Faith-FULL Affirmations as a "Confirmation" program are required to have an adult participate alongside them.

Please plan to join us in this exciting new program! This very well could be exactly what you have been looking for.

Newman UCC is an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ and extends this invitation to one and all, living out the example of Jesus’ extravagant welcome.

Newman Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is located at 100 Newman Avenue, Rumford, RI 02916


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