December 4, 2020



In times of economic uncertainty, the East Providence Economic Development Commission (EDC) has been more essential than ever to support a vital local economy.During the COVID-19 pandemic, the … more
I am quite concerned with the haste this city council is in to try to take the Metacomet property away from its current owners. I can appreciate the passion of those wanting to keep things as is but … more
This is in response to a recent Providence Journal article written by Mark Reynolds: Promoter says Woonsocket wrestling event is Covid-compliant. Due to the caronavirus, 2020 has been a bad year for … more

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Black Friday is coming! Everywhere you look there’s a good deal to be had. And this year, most people aren’t even going to the stores, but that won’t stop the sales from coming to … more
You’ve been there. You open up a holiday sale email, and the colorful images of trendy new items make you drool a little. You click into the store, ready to shop for Christmas gifts. … more
The stories we tell ourselves have a direct impact on what we believe about life. I don’t know about you, but I can easily get carried away by crazy thoughts running through my head—like … more

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