January 25, 2022

10 year old Lucas Rodrigues of Rehoboth pays it forwards after a Surprise Epic Birthday Parade!


Like many other children celebrating birthdays in 2020, the celebration for our son Lucas was ruined by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This was not just any birthday though; this was his 10th birthday, a whole decade old! We had been thinking about a way to make his birthday feel special and decided on a birthday parade like many others are doing. We invited family and friends, Kona Ice joined, and we asked a local police officer if he might be able to lead the parade for us. Not only did he come through for us, but he brought along other police cruisers, fire and rescue trucks! The parade started with screaming horns and sirens from all the vehicles then followed by Kona Ice and over 50 vehicles from all our friends and family! We even had an appearance by the EPIC movie cars with vehicles from Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters & Iron Man. Neighbors chalking their driveways with powerful messages. A special day it was for sure and Lucas could not have been happier to see all the first responders, his family & all his friends there to celebrate with him even if it was just a drive by!

The next morning while we were having breakfast and discussing the excitement of the previous day, Lucas had come up with an idea. He was very appreciative that the Police, Fire & Rescue made his parade “so epic”! He made handwritten thank you cards that he wanted to deliver in person to the Police & Fire departments, but it was the next gesture that really made us proud to be his parents. He asked if we could pay it back and make a small donation to the Police and Fire departments. We are local Realtors in town, and he hears our conversations about supporting local business and paying back to the community all the time. Our office even kicked off an initiative this year called #KeystoneCares to pay a part of our commission to a charity of our client’s choice after each closing. We could not have been happier that he had thought of this on his own and of course we agreed!

It is times like these that bring out the good in everyone! These are tough and unprecedented times for sure but this to shall pass. We have attended several birthday parades and will continue to whenever we are asked. We enjoy seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and our children love seeing their friends! Stay positive, be kind and continue to be a contributor to the community.

Steven and Jennifer Rodrigues


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