January 27, 2022

Anawan School Notes


The BOS recently voted to demolish the Anawan School. Did anyone think that the Town could sell a brick or more those who would like a memento of the school?

The School Comm did NOT do the town of Rehoboth any favors when they returned the Anawan School to the Town. The SC could NOT get any money from Boston to do any repairs or remodeling of the school.

I was a Selectman at the time and we had an Architect and municipal building contractors look at the building. The unanimous opinion of these people was that it would be less expensive to build a new building than trying to rehab the school. My wife worked in the cafeteria at the time and remembers the toilets in the basement overflowing.

The building is NOT on any historical register and should not be considered a historical bldg.. Various Boards of Selectmen agreed that it was not wise to spend money on a building that was condemned.

I hope that the above facts clear up any misconceptions about the fate of the Anawan School.

Arthur F. Tobin


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