May 9, 2021



This letter is addressed to our fellow residents of East Providence, our mayor our city council members and our state representatives and senators. We the undersigned concerned residents and voters … more
Yesterday serious accusations were leveled at the five administrators of KMG from a city employee. One of the accusations is of stalking. Stalking is a felony crime with wide ranging consequences for … more
Year 2020 was a very difficult and different world to all of us. Even in 2021, most are still facing challenging times. I lost five loved ones in 2020. The last family member to pass was my dad. A … more

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My mom is the most amazing woman on the planet. When she was 34 years old, she suddenly had a baby to raise on her own (me). With only $64, she needed a job. So, she got scrappy and decided to use … more
History is full of successful people who carved their own path far away from traditional education. Despite what our culture, your parents, or your own inner critic tells you, there are lots of … more
Loneliness is poison. It is deadly. Loneliness is literally killing us. And if you just rolled your eyes, I’m especially talking to you. Over the past couple of decades, researchers … more

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