June 18, 2024

Riverside Middle School Teacher is District ‘Teacher of the Year’

Kristyn-Anne Pinheiro – 2023 Recipient


Superintendent of Schools, Sandra Forand and the East Providence School Committee announced the winner of the 2023 Districtwide Teacher of the Year. Nominations were received from each individual school in the city. “We are pleased to announce that Kristyn-Anne Pinheiro, of Riverside Middle School is our 2023 Teacher of the Year. Kristyn-Anne has been teaching in the district for three years as a multi-language teacher. It is evident in her everyday interactions with her colleagues and students that she is a driven, organized individual,” said her colleagues in nominating Pinheiro.  “She has an energy like no other, working all hours of the day and night to make sure that her students are met with an equitable playing field. As you walk down the halls of RMS, you will often hear Ms. Pinheiro's voice as she is assisting all students in every class that she co-teaches.”

Pinheiro’s nomination further offered that, “As a teacher, Kristyn-Anne has the ability to multitask unlike no other. There are very few people that can balance all that she deals with in her day-to-day schedule. She often has her computer in front of her working on multiple tasks. She carefully and thoughtfully modifies materials for every lesson, often at a moment's notice. She manages all manners of student behavior and can teach content and concepts to anyone. She's a true professional who can think on her feet and adapt to any situation. Students learning English under Kristyn-Anne's guidance often outperform their peers. We are all lucky to work with her.”

In addition to the support that she provides in the classroom, Pinheiro also leads professional development for her colleagues to help them better support students in their classrooms. Her professional guidance is respected and well received as she is seen as an expert in her field. She takes her professional responsibilities seriously and is constantly seeking ways to better her craft. One of the ways she does this is by being an active member of multiple committees throughout the district. Her hard work supports her colleagues, but most importantly, the MLL students she works to support in order to access the curriculum.

“Kristyn-Anne also leads the way through her constant communication with families, often using different tech tools to communicate effectively. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Many of the students she works with are new to this country. Kristyn-Anne is often their point of contact for more than just education. She is kind, caring, and compassionate to all the students and their families, acting as the bridge to their new school community.”

Pinheiro has also worked to build a stronger community at RMS. One way she has done this is through developing the "Giving Closet" at RMS. This is yet another example of her never-ending compassion for others. This "closet" provides clothing for students and their families. Teachers and families can come in and take anything they may need. They are also welcome to leave anything they may no longer need. Kristyn-Anne also successfully put together a Multicultural Night at RMS alongside others. This was an opportunity for students and their families to come together and celebrate the many different cultures we have here at RMS, further strengthening the RMS community.

“We all can relate that many teachers bring work home with them every day,” said her colleagues and administrators.  “Kristyn-Anne took it to the next level and added an RMS student to her family. In true Kristyn-Anne style, she heard of a student in a difficult situation and wanted to help. She went home and discussed the situation with her family.  In an instant, they agreed that adding this student to their family was the only thing to do.  Even though it has only been a few months, this student now beams with happiness as she talks of her mom, dad and siblings. Whether it is taking the kids to hockey, gymnastics, swim, cooking classes, theater, baseball, or any other activities they are involved in, she does it effortlessly.”

East Providence School Level Teachers of the Year

  • Keith Anderson- East Providence High School
  • Kristyn-Anne Pinheiro-Riverside Riverside Middle School
  • Jodie Audet-Martin Middle School
  • Kimberly Sherman- Myron J Francis
  • Rebekah Vieira-Hennessey Elementary
  • Regina Jones- Kent Heights Elementary School
  • Nicole Cram-Orlo Avenue Orlo Avenue Elementary
  • Kristen Johnson- Oldham PreK
  • Abigail Jaffa-Silver Silver Spring Elementary School
  • Jalyn Alves-Waddington Elementary School
  • Raffi Rachdouni-Whiteknact Elementary


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