June 23, 2024

Inaugural Prevention Impact Awards Honors Partners, Champions in Community


East Providence Prevention Coalition celebrated members of the community that assist in their mission of keeping East Providence residents healthy and safe.

East Providence, RI – On Thursday, May 2nd the East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) gathered with the Board of Directors and community partners to honor those that have helped make an impact over the last year in contributing to the Coalition’s success.

A delicious dinner donated by Providence’s River Bistro and Riverside Domino’s was served to attendees, followed by a video culmination of events and happenings over the past 12 months.

After the video, EPPC’s Director, Madeline Marlow gave a warm introduction to the evening and ceremony. “It is amazing to come together here tonight with everyone who was a part in EPPC achieving Coalition of the Year for our measurable outcomes! Through our collective efforts, we worked together to reduce substance use, promote mental health and help prevent suicide among our residents.”

The following awards and recipients were named:
EPPC Board Recognition: Steve Furtado, Scott Rose and Pam Byrd

EPYC Board Recognition: Tristen Nunes, Jordan Marlow and Caroline Roman

Community Partner Appreciation: EP HEZ, EPPD, City Council, Mayor Bob DaSilva, EP Public Libraries, Town Wine & Spirit, Broadway Mart, East Bay Recovery Center, East Bay Regional Coalition
These recipients are essential in creating a collaborative network to strengthen community resources and prevent various issues, including substance misuse. These partnerships often involve a diverse array of stakeholders from health centers, faith based, law enforcement, schools, business, politics, media and more. They work together with EPPC to leverage their collective expertise and resources to address the complex interplay of social determinants that contribute to community challenges.

EPPC Active Members Recognition: Lyndsey Ferreira, Cpt. John Potvin, Tommy Joyce, Rachel Hamel, Meg Sullivan, Scott Rose, Pam Byrd, Officer Patrick Holmes, Jo-el Tillinghast, Pam Schwieger, Danielle Skeldon, Steve Furtado, Elmer Pina, Rochelle Richard, Tony DeSimas, Tayla Vincent

EPYC Active Member Recognition Matthew Marlow, Tristen Nunes, Bella Raposo, Dylan Doherty, Brandon Doherty, Earl ODonnell, Jordan Marlow, Josh Gomez, Lily Valley, Caroline Roman, Payton Roman, Kalvin Fernandes-Rado, Jayna Gomez, David Cosat-Rado, Celine Mota, Hunetr Roman, Jason Brown, Cristian Gonzalez, James Cassamass, Gabbey Hussey, Tyler Rodrigues

EPYC Impact Award Winner Keith Anderson, Emily ODonnell, Madeline Marlow, Jaime Rado, Christina Ash, Kristi Lombardo, Jason Marchetti, Marsha Fernandes, Katie Mazzeo, Dalila Raposo, Stephen Doherty, Sr., Meg Sullivan, Lindsay Mota

The youth chose an individual whom they felt has made a lasting impact on them in the last year. Making a positive impact for young people is a multifaceted endeavor that involves empowering them, creating opportunities for growth, and ensuring their voices are heard. Young people look up to adults who display integrity, resilience, and compassion. Actions can inspire them to adopt similar values. Encouraging young people to take part in community service and civic engagement projects can foster a sense of responsibility and community connection. Ensuring access to positive adult role models is crucial for the overall well-being of young people.

About the East Providence Prevention Coalition:
The East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) recently earned national recognition as the 2023 Coalition of the Year through the Office of National Drug Control Policy-funded Blue Ribbon Coalition Initiative, marking a significant milestone in the coalition’s more than three decades of dedicated service to its community. Established in 1987 in response to the Rhode Island Substance Abuse Prevention Act, the EPPC has tirelessly worked towards its mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing substance misuse, with a particular emphasis on the mental health wellness promotion of all the city’s residents. To find out more, you can email Director, Madeline Marlow, at eppc@eastprovidenceri.gov

About the East Providence Youth Council:
The East Providence Youth Council (EPYC) is a group of middle and high school students who attend school, live or participate in activities in East Providence. Their mission is to connect youth and create positive change in the community. The council meets regularly and participates in community service, outreach and social activities directly related to their mission. To find out more, you can email Adult Advisor, Bethanie Rado, at brado@eastprovidenceri.gov or call/text 401-527-7008


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